Why the Tea Party Is the Enemy of Income Inequality

Unlike the Left, Ted Cruz is willing to name the cause of income inequality. OK, I am impressed. From the Daily Signal: “Ted Cruz Strikes Back: ‘Too Many Republicans Willing to Be Complicit’” In the midst of the debate over a mammoth government spending bill, Republicans and Democrats found something to agree on: their dislike for Sen. Ted Cruz, who forced a rare weekend session for the Senate. But rather than back down, Cruz opted to call out Washington politicians on Sean Hannity’s Read more […]

Jon Stewart on Eric Garner: Pushing Race

I want to like him, but Jon Stewart on Eric Garner really disappoints me. One of the Freedom-oriented pages in my Facebook feed shared a link to Jon Stewart’s rant about Eric Garner, with their own headline, “Jon Stewart Loses Some Faith in the State.” (Sidenote here: While I am frustrated by how much police can get away with, and I wish Eric Garner had been afforded the dignity of representation by a prosecutor, I doubt that criminal charge of much seriousness would have made it past Read more […]

Elizabeth Warren, Hypocrite and Crony Capitalist

The Elizabeth Warren attack on Barack Obama for protecting the finance industry is a con job. Yes, Barack Obama was bought and paid for by Goldman Sachs and the rest of the finance industry, so her criticisms are true enough in that area. But she is claiming that the Democrats aren’t really like that and that the Republicans are worse. Thus, the Daily Caller reports: Obama’s economic team “protected Wall Street,” Sen. Warren told Salon. “Not families who were losing their homes. Read more […]

The First Casualty of War is the Budget

The saying you commonly hear is that “the first casualty of war is the truth.” The saying might have originated with Samuel Johnson in 1758: Among the calamities of war may be jointly numbered the diminution of the love of truth, by the falsehoods which interest dictates and credulity encourages. A version of the saying is then ascribed to Senator Hiram Warren when the U.S. entered what we now know as World War I: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” In 1928, Arthur Ponsonby wrote, Read more […]

Secession Movements Challenge the New World Order; Scotland Is One of Many

Secession movements are in the news! Last night the Drudge Report’s top corner featured a beautiful collection of headlines in the top left corner relating the Scottish referendum to other movements in Europe. The point is not that all governmental jurisdictions should be split up into smaller ones, necessarily. The point is that we are faced with elites who are hell-bent (literally?) on merging nation-states into larger jurisdictions. Every time we push for splitting off from or dividing a Read more […]

After Defeat by Tea Party, Eric Cantor Gets Paid for Service

Eric Cantor was forced to “retire” from Congress before he planned to do so, but that doesn’t mean he has lost his reward. His years of faithful service to the financial establishment must be repaid. You may remember that the same media that praised Occupy Wall Street suddenly got all concerned about Wall Street’s well-being after Eric Cantor was defeated by a candidate who ran on opposing crony capitalism. As I posted in “Washington Post Weeps for Big Business after Cantor Loss,” It Read more […]

Tea Party Targeted In Violent Video Game

Imagine a major videogame maker portraying the “enemies” as a bunch of pedophiles with rainbow flags on their wall. Or maybe a banner of the New Black Panthers for bad guys who only shoot white people–do you think they could even get anywhere close to marketing games like that? Here’s some of the report from Breitbart.com: “Gamescom: Shoot Racist Tea Partiers in ‘Battlefield Hardline’” The Hardline demonstration opens with the player character, Nick Mendoza, and his partner Marcus Read more […]

The Republican Establishment Fought Justin Amash and Justin Amash Won!

I reported about Justin Amash last November: “GOP Corruptocrats Working to Oust Justin Amash.” Justin Amash is the standard bearer for Ron Paul Republicanism in the House of Representatives. He almost got the NSA’s illegal spy program defunded. He stands against big government. He joined the effort to defund Obamacare, something we now all see was worth attempting at any cost. So naturally the deep pockets of the Republican Party are out to destroy him. Now it is time for an update. War Read more […]

In Praise of the Republican Party Establishment

Friends, Americans, patriots — lend me your ears. For once I come not to bury the Republican Party Establishment but to praise it. That’s right, it is I, a man who has been excommunicated so many times by the GOP establishment I’ve lost count, who is now here to tell of their mighty deeds. Just as “only Nixon could go to China,” so must the waxing poetic of the GOP’s “heroic” exploits come from a malcontent like me. By now you’re wondering “what did you do with the real Read more […]

How Blind Can Establishment Be? Remember What Cantor Campaign Said About Poll Data

Five days ago the Daily Caller ran this headline: “Shock Poll Shows Eric Cantor Struggling In Primary.” Of course, the poll is no surprise to us now that Dave Brat won the primary. But what is interesting is how the Cantor campaign responded to it. I think it demonstrates the blindness I posted about earlier today. A poll of Republican primary voters commissioned by The Daily Caller shows that GOP Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor is just above 50 percent in the hard-fought race for the 7th Read more […]

Why Democracy Sometimes Works: The Rulers Get Too Delusional to See They are Vulnerable

The wonderful headlines about Eric Cantor’s defeat last night keep coming. Here is one from the Chicago Tribune: “Eric Cantor’s primary loss an ‘apocalyptic moment’ for the GOP.” The beginning of the article is wonderful but I liked these two paragraphs best: A seven-term congressman with ties to the financial industry, Cantor had spent more than $5 million to head off the challenge from Brat, a political newcomer who teaches at Randolph-Macon College. Brat spent only about $122,000, according Read more […]

Tea Party Not Dead! Eric Cantor Defeated!

Last night when I heard that Eric Cantor had lost his primary battle I went to Google news to look it up. I didn’t have to. Eric Cantor’s face was at the top of the page with the headlines blaring. The Chamber of Commerce has been out for blood ever since the so-called government shutdown.  But, though they have won some victories, they haven’t won all of their battles. As I’ve written before, the Tea Party is not over. Thus, Fox News reported, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost Read more […]