Best Court Ruling Ever? Public School Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional!

I have never understood the idea of teacher tenure. At what other job does someone get to suddenly be free from the need to perform in order to keep one’s job? But at least with colleges and universities students usually have options. They can quit one school and go to another. But that option is often not practical for families who have their kids in public school. This is especially true because the school is supposed to provide opportunities for all, including for students from poor families. Read more […]

Spanish Word for “Black” Gets Spanish Teacher Fired

Petrona Smith is a teacher at a Bronx middle school who, by teaching kids Spanish, gave them the valuable knowledge of how to survive in this country that increasingly resembles Mexico. Unfortunately for Smith, there was one particular seventh-grader in her class who, I’d put money on, had been brought up in a liberal household, because he finds words to be offensive—the word “negro” in particular. No, not as in what Senator Harry Reid would call the “Negro dialect” of a black person, but as Read more […]

Flag Stomping Teacher Paid Over $100,000 To Resign

Scott Compton was an English teacher at Chapin High School in Chapin, South Carolina.  He is also known for being an outspoken liberal and has been warned about keeping his political views out of the classroom. However, last December, Compton let his liberalism loose in three of his classes when he took the American flag down and stomped on it in front of his students.  He told them that it’s just a piece of cloth and that it doesn’t mean anything.  A number of parents were upset when they Read more […]

3rd Grade Teacher Charged With Child Porn Involving Her Students

Are your kids really safe at school? After reading this, you may think twice about your child’s safety and wellbeing while in the care of their teachers. Kimberly Crain was a third grade teacher at McCloud Elementary School in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma.  She got romantically involved with Gary Doby, a professor in Pennsylvania over the internet.  The relationship grew sexual and the couple began exchanging nude photos of themselves with each other along with some of their sexual fantasies. The Read more […]

Communist Terrorist and Obama Confidant to Speak at Annual Teacher’s Convention

The later part of the 1960s was a turbulent time in American history.  Anti-war riots were being held in cities all across the nation.  Some say it was a time to promote peace, with the hippy and free love movements, but to others, it was the time of domestic terrorism and violence. Ayers first rose to any form of prominence when he became head of the socialist organization, Students for a Democratic Society, in 1968.  Note how communists regularly use the term Democratic as being synonymous Read more […]