Teachers Refuse to Give Standardized Tests to First Graders

Why would teachers refuse to assess their students? They explain in an open letter. Thanks to Common Core, it seems, an increasing number of teachers are refusing to administer required tests to students—especially young students. To some extent the media coverage of this annoys me since employees are treated like heroes for refusing to obey their employer, while an elected official refusing to violate her conscience and publicly affirm same-sex “marriage” is treated much differently Read more […]

Common Core Dollars Spent To Retrain Teachers But States Still Can’t Identify Failing Teachers

Billions of tax dollars have been spent over decades to prepare teachers but have produced little evidence of success. States complain that they can’t identify ineffective teachers. It is time to wake up and smell the burning toast! The significance of subjecting teachers to failed teacher-training programs is lost on those who influence education.  Billions of dollars from the federal Common Core Standards, Bill &Melinda Gates Foundation, and other sources will be spent to prepare quality Read more […]

Teachers Don’t Want To Be Common Core Robots

I’m not a great defender of most teachers because I’m not a great defender of the public school system. But I have to admit that, if this description is at all accurate, then Common Core seems like it would completely discourage all teachers and make their job performance even worse. Some of the biggest critics of new lesson plans aligned with the national Common Core standards are the people charged with teaching them. A growing number of teachers say the national standards, adopted by some Read more […]

School District Violates Teachers’ Constitutional Rights

I’ve been criticized lately for being so negative about America’s public education system.  I know that there are some schools and teachers that are excellent and haven’t bought into the liberal agenda of the educational leaders and unions.  But by and large, progressive socialists control the teachers’ union and the public education system throughout the nation. Their influence has been seen over and over again in their deliberate attempts to infringe on the constitutional rights of Read more […]

Blame Unions For Public School Failures

How many of you have had teachers that did as little as possible to teach you anything?  With some of these teachers, you could get as much from reading the text as you could from listening to their long drawn out monotone lectures that were the perfect cure for insomnia.  There was nothing innovative about their lessons.  Their classes were boring to say the least. Then there were those teachers that made learning fun.  They had different and unusual approaches to teaching that often captured Read more […]

Two First-Graders Suspended For Playing Cops & Robbers

Just a couple weeks ago, a 6-year-old student was suspended for pretending to “shoot” another student with his hand and saying, “Pow!” He was playing of course, but the school officials were alarmed by the boy’s behavior and suspended him. In the assistant principal’s letter to the student’s parents, she wrote that their son “threatened to shoot another student.” After the parents secured a lawyer, they appealed the decision of the school, and the school overturned the student’s Read more […]