FBI: Don’t Malign Our Assault on the Fourth Amendment

The FBI Director has complained about the media commenting on their assault on the Fourth Amendment. You may remember that I posted about a horrible action perpetrated by the FBI in vandalizing a suspects internet service so that they thought they needed a repair in their hotel rooms, posing as repairmen to get invited in, and then performing some warrantless searching. Mike Massnick of TechDirt has written about how the FBI Director James Comey is responding to criticism of that and other Read more […]

CIA Treats Senate Intelligence Committee Like Edward Snowden

Reading the Techdirt headline, I had to laugh: “CIA: We Only Spied On Senate Intelligence Committee Because They Took Classified Documents That Prove We’re Liars.” For those of you who didn’t see Bob’s earlier post, the CIA was caught monitoring the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Now the committee members want the CIA investigated and have appealed to the Constitution, saying that the spying is inconsistent with our founding document. This is the same committee whose members Read more […]

Was The iPhone Security Flaw A Mistake Or NSA Backdoor?

I don’t always agree with the conspiracies posited at Infowars.com. On the other hand, sometimes they are quite persuasive. And often the evil deeds they point to are not even really “conspiracies” since people are operating in plain sight, shamelessly. Yesterday, Steve Watson of Infowars addressed the question of the iPhone 6 “bug.” To get an idea of how serious this security vulnerability is, and how strangely silent Apple is being about it, see Techdirt’s post. Techdirt even mentions Read more […]

Obama Is The NSA’s Servant, Not Their Boss

Expecting Barack Obama to do anything which runs contrary to the wishes of the information and power freaks at the NSA, and that actually follows the Constitution and protects our privacy is a fool’s dream. Why? 1. Those in power have too much to gain by ready access to “convenient dirt” on citizens who might dare to oppose them. They will never willingly give up the ability to control or smash others. 2. NSA holds the trump card on any politician. Think about it, Barack Obama spent millions Read more […]

Judge Rules Against NSA; NSA Spies On Plaintiff

I don’t often notice WorldNetDaily and Techdirt writing on the same topic, but they both cover the recent ruling on the NSA. As Mike Masnick writes for Techdirt, Well, this is big, big news. Judge Richard Leon, a judge in the DC district court, has ruled that the NSA’s bulk metadata collection should be stopped as violating the 4th Amendment, though he’s put the ruling on hold, knowing that it will be appealed. This is the first major court ruling concerning the program, and the judge is pretty Read more […]

How Feds Fight No-Fly Lawsuit: No-Fly A Witness & Then Lie About It

Techdirt reported today on the lawsuit of a Stanford PhD student, Rahinah Ibrahim, who is suing the US government over their no-fly list. The Feds are exercising complete discretion, barring people from traveling without have to show cause and with no appeal permitted on the part of the victim. Apparently, one of the people set to testify in the case, Ibrahim’s oldest daughter, Raihan Mustafa Kamal (an American citizen, born in the US), was blocked from boarding her flight to the US to appear at Read more […]

Hackers Guilty Of Imitating NSA and FBI: Hacked Government

I don’t care much for Anonymous or other hackers. But I’m not weeping for the sake of the FBI’s computer security either. (Reuters) – Activist hackers linked to the collective known as Anonymous have secretly accessed U.S. government computers in multiple agencies and stolen sensitive information in a campaign that began almost a year ago, the FBI warned this week. The hackers exploited a flaw in Adobe Systems Inc’s software to launch a rash of electronic break-ins that began last December, Read more […]

Government Arrogance Attempts To Censor Press And Undo The Internet

The manipulation of the LIBOR rate is a huge story that I have yet to fully comprehend. But the UK is taking it seriously enough to investigate the claims and consider prosecution. Since the LIBOR scandal is immensely important to people in finance, naturally the Wall Street Journal has investigated and reported on what is going on for their readers. None of that is surprising. In the course of its investigation, the WSJ found out who is likely to be prosecuted for being a participant in the Read more […]