LAPD Shoots And Injures Two Innocent Women

Recently, Piers Morgan quoted one of his favorite statistics to Ted Nugent: “100,000 Americans get hit with gunfire a year.” Nugent was quick to retort:  “Let me stop you there, because I’ve been hearing you say this, and you are so full of crap. Listen to me. That statistic includes bad guys shot by cops and intruders shot by homeowners, so that figure is bogus.”  I wonder if that statistic also includes cops shooting innocent people. In the LAPD’s zeal to find liberal/gun-grabbing/gun Read more […]

Disarmament is the Real Goal

Much is being made in the mainstream media about the lack of response from the National Rifle Association (NRA) about the Newtown massacre. Protesters in Washington D.C. even marched on Capitol Hill, carrying signs and chanting “Shame on the NRA,” as if the NRA itself pulled the trigger. Where are these protesters when traffic pile-ups cause multiple deaths on American highways? Why do they not protest the auto industry for allowing these vehicular weapons to remain legal? The answer, of course, Read more […]