Politicians Conspire to Burden Poor Americans

Everything about the economy is hideous right now. The government manages to claim we have “near full employment,” but the labor participation rate tells a different story. The one bright spot is the price of energy. But rather then let us enjoy a blessing, Republicans were eager to further exploit us at the federal level. Politicians at the state level are also ready to increase their plunder. For example, here’s the Knoxville News-Sentinel: “If there’s a Tennessee gas tax increase on the Read more […]

Law Enforcement Overstepping Bounds

Government servants are stealing from innocent people, again. The fact that it is legal to seize people’s belongings before they are convicted, or, even before a case has been built against them or charges brought, is egregious  indeed.  In Tennessee, lawmakers want to reduce police agencies’ ability to seize cash and vehicles without actual criminal convictions. Those in law enforcement are up in arms about this move to protect the rights of the people. From The Times Free Press A 2010 Read more […]

Tennessee Bill Forbids Enforcement of Supreme Court Opinion on Same-Sex Marriage

The Tennessee Constitution does not recognize same-sex marriage and the state is not obligated to agree with opinions held by Supreme Court Justices. As we all know, five Supreme Court Justices have recently claimed that there is such a thing as same-sex marriage and that homosexuals have a right to be married. This is a false claim. But, apart from that, it is obviously outside the Supreme Court’s, or any federal court’s, jurisdiction. The Constitution does not define marriage and the legislation Read more […]

Tennessee Republican Politicians Force Higher Milk Prices

Because Tennessee Republican politicians are a bunch of socialists and corruptocrats. If you want to know why the response to Obamacare by Republicans has been so weak, the answer is easy to find. Republican politicians agree with Obama’s overall economic and political philosophy and they disagree with the economic and political philosophy that is prominent among Republican voters. They don’t believe in freedom; they don’t understand freedom beyond a jingle that they use to win votes, Read more […]

New Company to Get Government Money after Solyndra

Solyndra was a horrible embarrassment, but the government is ready to start shoveling money at another company. Over at Doreen Borelli’s website, Tom Borelli has written an interesting piece: “Guess which Fortune 500 Company Might Get $259 Million Loan from Energy Department.” Corporatism is blooming like flowers this spring. The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced that its revised loan program has given a preliminary loan commitment for $259 million to Alcoa – the aluminum Read more […]

Is Tennessee about to Honor the Second Amendment?

State Senator says the Second Amendment is compromised by requiring a permit to carry a handgun, whether open or concealed. If you think I don’t give enough love to politicians, take note that I give credit where it’s due. My Tennessee State Senator, Mae Beavers, is pretty awesome. She is featured in this story from WSMV: “State lawmakers to discuss open carry laws this week.” “I don’t think our founding fathers intended to put government restrictions on people,” Beavers Read more […]

Slimy Obamacare Campaigning Defeated in Tennessee

After a horrible time of Obamacare campaigning the Tennessee State Senate did the right thing. One of the most disconcerting things about contemporary politics is that so many make no attempt to promote things accurately. The only thing that matters is winning your battle, and whatever blatant lies have to be told to reach that goal are more than acceptable, apparently. This campaign for Haslamcare (an expansion of Obamacare in TN) was supported by some of the most deceptive, untruthful, Read more […]

Even Local Governments Bail Out The Wealthiest

Why is the Federal Government getting ready to bail out the one percent? Because local governments do so. Bob Allen has already posted about how the $1.1 trillion cromnibus bill puts taxpayers on the hook to bailout banks if their “investments” (i.e. risky gambling adventures) fail. How can they get away with such brazen corruption? The answer, in part, is that it seems to be part of human nature to assume that the purpose of government is to protect the super wealthy. We see this at Read more […]

Father Deals with Daughter’s Pimp with Baseball Bat

We can be glad a baseball bat is still legal in the United States (in most places). But this took place in Memphis. According to the NY Daily News: “Tenn. dad attacks alleged pimp with baseball bat for trafficking 12-year-old daughter: police.” A Tennessee dad reportedly armed himself with a baseball bat while attacking a man he suspected of pimping out his 12-year-old daughter. The ferocious father’s intended punching bag, identified as Brian Jones, ended up calling Memphis police Read more […]

Don’t Judge by the Color of Skin but by the Killing

The rule to not judge by the color of skin but by the content of character means justice must be blind. We lived in Columbia for a while, waiting for a house to be finished. It was a nice little town, best known for Mule Day. That’s probably why this crime hit me so hard when I first read about it—a pizza worker shot and killed… for no reason other than rank evil. From WKRN-Nashville: “Teen says he shot Columbia Papa John’s employee ‘to kill him’” A 17-year-old arrested for Read more […]

Don’t Mow the Lawn Soon Enough; Go to Jail

Too busy to mow the lawn? Get ready to go to jail. Yeah, America is such a peaceful, idyllic place… we have to dig hard to find criminals to send to jail. Here’s a story we can all smile about—the law punishing a grave evildoer for not mowing her grass. Yep… slash the blades, or get thrown in the clink. Yahoo News reports, “Woman Goes to Jail for Not Mowing Lawn.” If you are a resident of Lenoir City, Tennessee, you might want to remember to mow your lawn — otherwise, you Read more […]

What Happens if ISIS Attacks in Tennessee? A Second Amendment Response

Here is a story of ISIS attacks stopped in Australia. From CBSNews.com: “Cops in Australia: We Thwarted Grisly ISIS Plot.” Counterterrorism raids in Sydney on Thursday were sparked by security intelligence that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) was planning a random, violent attack in Australia as a demonstration of its reach, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said. About 800 Australian police officers were involved in what was the country’s largest counterterrorism operation, Read more […]