Why Tenure Exists: to Take Away Freedom

People think the protection of professors is why tenure exists. Here is an example of how wrong they are. The reason tenure exists is to censor speech. It is simple to see why. In order to control speech you need a way to give rewards and punishments. In a society that is supposed to honor and allow free speech, you have to be somewhat clever (even if your ruse is obvious) about how you go about setting up this system. Tenure supposedly protects academics. It is a bad system that shouldn’t Read more […]

Best Court Ruling Ever? Public School Teacher Tenure Ruled Unconstitutional!

I have never understood the idea of teacher tenure. At what other job does someone get to suddenly be free from the need to perform in order to keep one’s job? But at least with colleges and universities students usually have options. They can quit one school and go to another. But that option is often not practical for families who have their kids in public school. This is especially true because the school is supposed to provide opportunities for all, including for students from poor families. Read more […]