New Revenue Shakedown: Texting While Walking

Texting while walking is now an offense in Fort Lee, NJ. Pedestrians can be injured and even killed if they don’t pay attention to where they are going. That’s why it isn’t too common to hear people cry for a law requiring pedestrians to pay attention to where they are going. If a person isn’t motivated enough to avoid injury or death, then why should a law with a penalty make any difference? But when there are opportunities to collect revenue, suddenly it makes sense to prohibit texting Read more […]

Texting-While-Driving Laws are Just Money-Making Measures

Huron, South Dakota has banned texting while driving. In this new city ordinance, they’ve also banned “distracted driving,” which includes anything from eating to reading while driving. In addition, the rule prohibits those with learner’s permits from talking on a phone while driving. Obviously, such habits are dangerous, risky and irresponsible. They’ve been the cause of many deaths, injuries and embarrassing YouTube videos. But such a law will surely be abused by over zealous police Read more […]