Have the Clintons Lost Their Magic?

Now that the Clintons are mired in new scandals, they seem to be getting snubbed by many celebrities who used to worship them. The Clintons, unlike most families, have an organization that represents them—The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. One can’t help but think that a change in behavior toward that organization might mean a change of attitude toward the family. Politico reports, “Clinton Foundation snubbed by the pope, Elton John, Janet Yellen.” The Clinton Foundation Read more […]

Did Governments Donate to the Clinton Foundation out of Altruism?

When governments donate to a “philanthropic organization,” we can bet they expect something in return. The Clinton corruption machine is becoming too obvious for anyone to ignore. Now, in the case of Islamic states we find governments donate to the Clinton Foundation and, by sheer coincidence, get favors from the State Department. No less a Left-wing source than Slate.com reports, “Repressive Regimes Donated to Clinton Foundation, Got Federal Approval for Arms Deals.” Repressive regimes Read more […]

How Silicon Valley Pays Off Hillary Clinton

Silicon Valley both fundraises for Hillary Clinton and “pays” her millions for short speeches. For awhile now I have written about how Hillary Clinton is essentially being lobbied, bribed, and/or paid off through insanely lucrative speaking gigs. Wall Street has been spending lots of money to buy her good will. Naturally, Silicon Valley is also bidding for her favor. As the Washington Post reports, “Hillary Clinton was paid millions by tech industry for speeches.” In one of her last Read more […]

More News of Long Term Clinton Corruption

The Sunlight Foundation points out that the Clinton corruption involved in their foundation, which operates as a slush fund. According to the New York Post, the Sunlight Foundation has respectable Leftist credentials; it was “once run by leading progressive Democrat and Fordham Law professor Zephyr Teachout.” Bill Allison is a senior fellow with the Sunlight Foundation. He recently said, “It seems like the Clinton Foundation operates as a slush fund for the Clintons.” Indeed it Read more […]

Hillary Clinton Money Is Problematic in Several Ways

The New York Times is raising concerns about Hillary Clinton money in relation to women’s rights. But the gifts of money raise other problems. So, as the liberal knives continue to be drawn and aimed at Hillary Clinton, the New York Times makes a contribution: “Hillary Clinton Faces Test of Record as Women’s Advocate.” It was supposed to be a carefully planned anniversary to mark one of the most important and widely praised moments in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political career — Read more […]

More for the Corruption Files: Chelsea Clinton Gets $75k for Speaking

Do even Liberals think that Chelsea Clinton is such a great speaker that she deserves seventy-five thousand dollars for an address? Doubt it! But she does! Why is that? From the New York Times: “Following Her Parents’ Lead, Chelsea Clinton Takes Stage as a Paid Speaker.” There is a new Clinton paid to deliver speeches — Chelsea, the former first daughter — and she is commanding as much as $75,000 per appearance. Aides emphasized that while Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton often Read more […]

The Clinton Foundation Larceny

The New York Times, in what Rush Limbaugh calls a “random act of journalism,” published an article exposing The Clinton Foundation’s larceny. The Times reports that despite having lost tens of millions of dollars since its shady inception, the Clintons will be moving ahead, full throttle, relocating the Foundation’s “nerve center” from its current, highly publicized and politically correct site in Harlem to mid-Manhattan, central to liberal media outlets. In the process, the name of Read more […]