Death Panels On “The Five” – Hatred For Sarah Palin Grows As She’s Vindicated!

I’ve said before that Obamacare is the death panel. We already see how Medicaid is causing shortages. And the Obamacare law is doing the same thing. NPR confirmed what the New York Times reported: patients are getting access to fewer doctors and hospitals. Specialists are often outside their network. Which brings us to the repeated accusations against Sarah Palin where the same people rationalizing Obama’s repeated and emphatic lie were claiming she was a liar. The video puts it all out there. Notice Read more […]

Liberals Can only See Race at the RNC (and Everywhere Else)

On the August 31 episode of Fox News’s The Five, on which Bob Beckel is the token liberal co-host out of five hosts in all, Mr. Beckel said something so arbitrary and of no apparent relevance that the first natural reaction to hearing it would be to blink in silence and expectation that he would elaborate what his point was and supply us with a basis for his claim. What he said was that there were more black people in the band at the Republican National Convention than there were black delegates Read more […]