Why Does Islam Produce Totalitarian Governments?

Totalitarian governments become inevitable if people won’t restrain themselves. The Gospel Coalition posted some social wisdom that Peter Kreeft gained from Chuck Colson, the founder of Prison Fellowship. Reading Kreeft’s words made me think of the question: Why are self-consciously Islamic nations almost invariably totalitarian? Kreeft writes: Colson’s Law is named for the man I learned it from: Chuck Colson, founder of Prison Fellowship Ministries. It is one of the fundamental Read more […]

Everyone Seems to Know that Abortion Is Wrong When It isn’t Them

I pointed out recently how the logic of abortion is actually illogical when it comes to how the law is enforced when an assailant kills a baby in the womb by attacking the mother. It seems to me what has happened in the U.K. shows a similar illogic. Let me describe the situation in one sentence: A woman wants to abort her baby in order to allow herself to pursue career success. All “pro-lifers” are disgusted by such behavior, of course, because they oppose abortion as homicide. A woman Read more […]