New York Times and CNN Cover for Mass Killing

Why would these mainstream news outlets obscure who was responsible for the mass killing of doctors and patients? The Intercept has a perspective that could bias them with a story like this. But when a Liberal news site congratulates the Wall Street Journal on printing the plain truth and points out that two major liberal sources are trying to hide it, I think we should take notice. The Intercept contends that the New York Times and CNN both tried to hide from readers the perpetrator of a mass Read more […]

Leftist Independent Journalism Is Merely Politically Correct

One problem is that independent journalism is run by people more concerned about looking independent than being independent. A friend on Facebook sent me a link to this Politico magazine article about working with Glen Greenwald on the Intercept and other projects of First Look Media: “Where Journalism Goes to Die.” It is written by Ken Silverstein, who no longer works for the company. In the wake of the Edward Snowden leaks, Pierre Omidyar, who had founded eBay, had recruited Glenn Greenwald, Read more […]