Why Shouldn’t Assad Get The Nobel Peace Prize If Obama Got One?

Newser.com is a valuable site because it summarizes the news and, by its selection and commentary, distills What We Are Supposed To Think ™ according to the establishment. Nowhere is this clearer than in their single paragraph summary about a recent statement from Syria’s embattled president: That Bashar al-Assad sure is a kidder. When asked today to comment on the Nobel Peace Prize—which was awarded to the UN group currently working to dismantle his chemical weapons arsenal—the Syrian ruler Read more […]

Third-Party Pipe Dreams

I saw a Facebook post that argued that all the presidents on Mount Rushmore were third party guys. This can hardly be true for George Washington who had no party affiliation. Political parties were in their infancy when Thomas Jefferson was elected. It seems a new party was being started every election cycle. Jefferson belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party that he organized along with James Madison in 1791. It stood in opposition to the Federalist Party and dominated American politics from Read more […]