2016: Christie vs. Clinton

A new Quinnipiac poll shows that Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey currently enjoys a 74-percent approval rating, the highest rating among the governors of the seven states that Quinnipiac polls. That’s an impressive number. It’s the highest rating Quinnipiac has shown any governor of having in their 17 years of polling. It’s even higher than Obama’s job approval when he was first elected to the presidency. Quinnipiac also asked those surveyed about a 2016 presidential race between Christie Read more […]

How to Break the Two-Party System… with One Law

Washington warned in his Farewell Address that, among many other things that could destroy America, bipartisan politics was among the foremost. He foresaw that the two-party system would create career politicians who cared more about their party’s goals than their duty to uphold their oaths of office, and he believed such a system would shift the balance of power away from the people to the self-interested deal-brokers of party committees. Well, he was right. What’s the big problem with the Read more […]