Rank and File NYPD, Please Revolt for All our Sakes!

The rank and file NYPD are being pressured to resume revenue arrests. Newser.com’s headline asks, “Police Revolt Ends,” but it is unclear if the headline means they’ve stopped a revolt against de Blasio or against their own supervisors who are making them do things they don’t like. The New York Post, as I wrote about earlier, had panicked that, in the wake of the killing of two policemen after Eric Garner’s death, police were not making “low level” arrests as much as they used to. To read Read more […]

Cop Fired For Exposing Ticket And Arrest Quotas

Ticket quotas are one of those things that everybody knows exist, but no one is supposed to talk about. You talk to most cops about them, and they’ll deny they even exist. They’ll tell you it’s all a myth. And the few cops that do acknowledge their existence and admit their propensity for abuse end up getting fired. The reliance on ticket quotas to ensure a certain amount of revenue for the department, city and/or county varies per department. My brother-in-law is a cop, and he told me that Read more […]