Contra Feminists: Camille Paglia Predicts Apocalypse And The Need For Men

Camille Paglia is neither a conservative nor a libertarian. If you asked her about her religious views, I believe she would tell you that she is a pagan. I’m not sure that is the most truthful way to answer the question. As far as I can tell she is a Darwinian atheist, albeit an honest and observant one. Her sexual ethics is certainly far from Christian teaching. In her recent Time Magazine piece, she pretty much shatters the anti-men attitudes of “second- and third-wave feminism” Is it Read more […]

Could the ‘Childfree Life’ Kill the Democrat Party?

TIME magazine’s “Childfree Life” issue might explain why Democrats are pushing so hard on immigration reform. They are looking down the demographic road and are seeing a big voting sink hole. Ben Wattenberg called it the “Birth Dearth” in a book of the same name. Economist Robert J. Samuelson gets it right: “By not having children, people are voting against the future — their countries’ and perhaps their own.” Lauren Sandler’s story “The Childfree Life” is featured in the Read more […]

What the GOP Can Learn from the Pro-Life Movement

It was 40 years ago that the Supreme Court found in the “penumbra” — the shadows — of the Constitution the right of a woman to kill her pre-born child. Many have compared the 7–2 pro-abortion decision to that of the 7–2 Dred Scott Decision of 1857 that concluded that slaves are personal property and the Fifth Amendment protects property owners against deprivation of their property without due process of law. Any owner of slaves can do what he or she wants with his or her own property. Read more […]

Bork and Obama: A Great Man Dies, a Bad One Is Awarded

A great man passed yesterday, a man with more wisdom in his cuticles than the next wisest man had in his whole body–the great Judge Robert H. Bork. Bork was a personal hero of mine and a major influence in my understanding of politics, especially in knowing not just what liberals believe, but why they believe the things they do. Bork was nominated by President Reagan to the Supreme Court, but in what the news media would never dream of calling “Democratic obstructionism,” the Democrats obstructed Read more […]