How Todd Aiken Beat the GOP Establishment and May Win in Missouri

I’ve written repeatedly that you can’t win a fight if you’re not in the ring. My anti-GOP and “no lesser than two evil” friends are complaining from the sidelines that the GOP is just like the Democrats. “If this is true,” I tell them, “then change it.” It’s easier for them to bellyache from the sidelines and watch the ship of state go down. They believe that with Barack Obama in for another four years things will go from bad to worse. When this happens, the people will finally Read more […]

GOP Convention Goes to Bat for Akin

Yesterday, the GOP Convention voted in favor of a party platform that supported banning abortion. This came on the heels of a CNN poll released late last week that showed that the vast majority of Americans favored either very limited legality or complete illegality of abortion. For once, the GOP seems to be making a statement and sticking to it. What is particularly interesting about this decision is that the GOP has essentially taken Todd Akin’s position and not Mitt Romney’s. However ineloquently Read more […]

Rape Victim Stands Up for Todd Akin

It’s hard for men to speak out on the issue of abortion and rape. First, men do not get pregnant, and second, men rarely get raped by women, although it does happen. Rape is not about sex. It’s about power and domination. So when Todd Akin used the phrase “illegitimate rape,” it sounded chauvinistic. Is there any other kind of rape? Isn’t all rape “illegitimate”? By definition, rape is illegitimate. I believe the reason so many men like Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney threw Akin Read more […]

Liberals Love to Talk About Rape as a Funny Thing

Todd Akin is in political trouble because he used the phrase “legitimate rape” when trying to make the case that the trauma of rape rarely results in pregnancy. It was certainly a poor choice of words, but nothing like the way liberals throw around the word rape. Cher Tweeted this about Akin: “[L]et Aiken get raped by man with HIV/AIDS. Nothing will happen, right? Body shuts down as defense mechanism. Idiots.” This is such a loaded statement that I’ll get in a lot of trouble if I start Read more […]

Will Todd Akin Hurt Romney’s Election Chances?

On Sean Hannity’s radio program on Thursday, Senate hopeful Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin responded to Mitt Romney’s suggestion that he drop out of the Senate race against incumbent Claire McCaskill. “Let me just ask you this: If you were in Romney’s position, don’t you think that he may have…made a bigger deal about it than he needed to? Why couldn’t he run his race and I run mine?” He seems to suggest that Romney wants him out of the race for his own political gain. But of course Romney Read more […]

Is Obamacare Really “What Women Want”?

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin made some politically naive comments about “legitimate rape,” and that’s all it took for his own party to reject him and call on him to drop out from the race. Incumbent Senator Claire McKaskill took advantage of his comments to criticize him for wanting to “control women.” This is typical talk from abortion supporters, who also refer to pro-lifers as “anti-choice” and the “uterus police.” But pro-lifers don’t want to control women’s bodies. Read more […]

GOP May Lose Missouri Senate Seat Over Akin Rape Remark

It has been bouncing around all of the media outlets for the past 48 hours, so you’ve probably heard the gist of it by now. But in summation: Rep. Todd Akin is a pro-life Republican now running for the Senate in hopes of unseating Democrat Claire McCaskill. Akin made a comment about pregnancies rarely ever occurring from, as he put it, “legitimate rape.” Shortly thereafter the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse swept down from the sky amidst continent-swallowing earthquakes and a barrage of flaming Read more […]