Someone Please Tell the Chamber of Commerce to Check Their Privilege on Immigration!

I hate the phrase (or rather, barking demand), “Check your privilege.” Here’s why: Nevertheless, Tom Donohue, the President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce brings out the worst in me and makes me want to bark the demand at him! Check your privilege. While they claim eventually that he was joking, the Politico headline and the lead statement angered me: “Chamber of Commerce gives ultimatum to GOP.” The GOP shouldn’t even field a presidential candidate in 2016 unless Congress Read more […]

Is This Where The Chamber Of Commerce Gets Their Desire For Amnesty?

I’ve asked more than once why certain people act as if we are in desperate need of immigrants to come here and work. Tom Donohue, the President and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, actually said that we must have immigration “reform” as soon as possible in order to get “a full and diverse work force” in the United States. He made other statements that made it sound like we had a crisis in the United States of people desperately trying to get workers for new jobs. It seemed delusional. But Read more […]

Can The Chamber Of Commerce Start Making Sense On Immigration?

I’m not asking for them to change their view and conform to my ideas. I don’t get frustrated by the Chamber of Commerce disagreeing with me. But I really wish these people would explain themselves. From the Washington Times: U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Thomas J. Donohue said Monday that Congress must get back to the issue of immigration, arguing that businesses need an influx of immigrant labor because American workers aren’t available. American workers aren’t available? That Read more […]

Tom Donohue: We Need Immigration Reform Because Of High Demand For Jobs

Tom Donohue is the CEO for the Chamber of Commerce. He is one of the main players who is angry at Ted Cruz and the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, supposedly due to the government shut down. In the video below he speaks about immigration Reform. So far I haven’t found a precise date for the speech, but it was after the so-called shut-down. Parts of his presentation are quite enlightening and others sound like this video is from a parallel universe in which there has been no recession. Bear Read more […]