Global Warming Creates Extreme Weather that Doesn’t Exist

While extreme weather is constantly invoked as the result of global warming, there hasn’t been much of it lately. Every severe weather event is pounced upon as “proof” of manmade Global Warming/Climate Change/The Government Needs to Save Us. But then comes this, one of many such evidences, reported in USA Today: “Tame tornadoes: Quietest 3 years for twisters on record.” The U.S. experienced fewer tornadoes in the past three years than any similar span since accurate records began Read more […]

A Convenient Crock: Oklahoma Tornadoes Caused By Global Warming AND Cooling

Global warming has kicked tornado season off to a bloody start. At least twenty-four confirmed deaths and hundreds of injuries are the result of a tornado more than a mile wide that ripped through an area outside Oklahoma City, OK. But don’t be fooled into thinking that tornado season typically does bring with it death and destruction. You may be thinking, “It’s a giant funnel of wind and debris; of course it’s going to kill people, and of course some tornadoes are going to be bigger than Read more […]