ISIS Rapes, Beheads, Crucifies Christians

Eleven Christians were tortured and murdered by Islamic jihadists in Syria. Charisma News reports, “11 Christian Missionaries Crucified and Beheaded.” The relatives said ISIS militants on Aug. 7 captured the Christian workers in a village whose name is withheld for security reasons. On Aug. 28, the militants asked if they had renounced Islam for Christianity. When the Christians said that they had, the rebels asked if they wanted to return to Islam. The Christians said they would never renounce Read more […]

CIA Veteran: Be Scared of Monsters We Made to Deal with Monsters We Promised to Protect You From, which We Made

A CIA veteran is pushing for Americans to be scared of terrorists so that we’ll endorse the same war on terror that financed and recruited those terrorists. First, we go into Aghanistan and restore its opium production (totally unintentionally I’m sure) and never find bin Laden. Next, we invade Iraq on the basis of false claims about weapons of mass destruction and somehow, as part of the war on terror, decimating the country and making it a place where terrorists thrive—terrorists that Read more […]

What about the Torture Report Obama wants to Hide?

There is another torture report and this one the Administration wants to keep secret. So we all know that Democrats have released a fairly partisan document about torture. Torture seems to have been the intelligence equivalent of Obamacare—a method invented by experts that would take care of our problems (though unlike medical care, national defense is actually a Constitutional duty and power of the Federal Government). But while we are learning about the one report, there is another Read more […]

Christians and Torture: What Should You Know?

In the wake of the declassified summary of the Senate Intelligence Report (or the report of the Democrats on that committee), Joe Carter has written  about Christians and torture: “7 Things that Christians Should Know about Torture.” Carter is Director of Communications for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission which is “an entity of the Southern Baptist Convention”—also known as the Southern Baptist Church. He is a Christian writing to other Christians. His seven points Read more […]

Torture Is Just another Failed Government Program

Full-disclosure, even though I think torture is a failure as a routine program, I don’t know that it is sinful in all circumstances. (See more below.) The Senate’s torture report is out. Here is the interpretation pushed by the regime mouthpiece (I mean the New York Times, of course). Also note this NYT story about the internal fights inside the CIA over the torture. I’ve heard noise that the report is an attack on the Bush Administration, but that is not so clear from what I read Read more […]

The De Blasio NYPD Rip Insulin Away from Innocent Diabetic Teen

Stories about the de Blasio NYPD keep coming in. In this case, they did so many things; it is hard to know what to put in the headline. It started at a Foot Locker store in Bushwick, NY. Fifteen-year-old Isaiah Martinez was shot in the foot. Supposedly, he tried to cut in line to buy some special shoe. He offended the wrong person—a man or youth named “Ritchie,” he told police. So how did the police find “Ritchie”? The brilliant investigators of the NYPD went into Martinez’s Read more […]

Your Tax Dollars at Work: 8 Christians Crucified in Syria

No, this is not a “blame America first” headline. I’m well aware that Islamic extremism is responsible for all sorts of evil. But there have been Christians in Syria for centuries. In the contemporary world, we haven’t heard of Muslims in Syria committing atrocities against Christians until the United States government decided that, as overlords of the planet, it was our job to tell Syrians when their regime had to change. Since then, we have empowered a Sunni extremist takeover of Read more […]

Justina Pelletier Is Still Held Captive by the Government-Medical Complex

Howie Carr of WRKO interviewed Justina Pelletier’s father, Lou. When I wrote about this story back in February (and followed up a few days later) I never imagined this farce could continue.  But it has continued. Scott Lazarowitz at the  blog makes several observations about this interview: My immediate take after hearing the interview: 1. The “doctors” really are, in my view, religiously devoted to their ideology of “somatoform disorder” and “behavior modification,” Read more […]

American Blood to Purchase an Al Qaeda Playground: Not Conservative

Obama now owns the Iraq war. Unlike the economy, he didn’t blame Bush for the bad situation in Iraq. He never admitted that there was a bad situation in Iraq. He triumphantly claimed that he had gotten American troops out of Iraq just like he promised. So this is now his legacy. Conservatives have four years in which to ponder what has happened in Iraq, and whether or not the original “humble” foreign policy that Bush promised in his 2000 campaign might contain some wisdom that should never Read more […]