Obama: Tolerance Isn’t Enough; We Must LIKE Homosexuality

The April unemployment numbers came out yesterday—7.5 percent, the lowest in President Obama’s entire presidency—and because it’s probably all you will have read about since then, on that topic I will only say that despite the official unemployment rate being lower than when Obama took office, more people are now without a job. This is the grand, ironic illusion we’re being sold as a recovery. Getting that out of the way, onward to more pressing matters: Jason Collins, the “heroic” NBA player Read more […]

We Can Do Better… a Whole Lot Better

The Republicans wasted a golden opportunity when Todd Akin made his now infamous quip about “legitimate rape.” Instead of locking arms to condemn the man, they could have mentioned that the Republican Party (unlike another party whose name starts with “D-” and ends with “-emocrat”) does not value solidarity more than it loves freedom, liberty, and the wholesomeness of dissent. After all, dissent is the engine of federalism. It is the reason our country has enjoyed up until now the longest-lived Read more […]