Our Intelligence has been Stolen. We Want it Back.

The people who intentionally stupefy us should not belittle our intelligence. Much has been written and said about Jonathan Gruber and his observation that the American voting public is “stupid.” Here is a quote from Representative Jim Jordan contained in a piece in townhall.com by Katie Pavlich, Coming Soon: Gruber under Oath in Front of Congress. “He used taxpayer money to lie to tax payers and when it was all over he made fun of them. Of course he needs to come in front of a congressional Read more […]

IRS Never Looked for Lois Lerner Emails

As you are probably aware, the IRS claimed that the Lois Lerner emails got lost, without any back up, through a computer hard drive crash. In fact, this happened to several other employees. The idea that federal records could disappear without a trace, records that the IRS was legally obligated to store, seemed insane. It is insane. So Congress ordered the IRS to search for the files to see if they could retrieve all or some of them. Nothing turned up… Because the IRS never looked. As Read more […]

Democrats Won’t Negotiate Therefore Ted Cruz Should Stop Trying?

Derek Hunter wrote a critique of Ted Cruz at Townhall.com. He says he writes it as a conservative and a fan of Ted Cruz. I have no reason to doubt him so I will take him at his word. But although his goals are admirable and shared by conservatives across the country, he has no idea how to achieve them. In fact, his actions in the Senate, which are bringing him praise from conservative groups and grassroots activists, are harming the cause. I am open to the possibility that Cruz’s tactics are Read more […]

Lying About Gun Violence To Deter Gun Ownership

It isn’t just the UK government that fudges the truth. It happens on this side of the Atlantic as well. Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com reports, Earlier this week we learned of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s $1.1 million anti-gun advertisement buy for Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuiliffe. Bloomberg funneled the money into Virginia through his PAC, USA Independence and advertisements have been running on radio and television since Tuesday. One television ad in particular targets Read more […]