On The Road Again… Not So Much In 2013… Or 2012…

One of the great parts of American identity since at least World War II and probably earlier has been the ability to travel. America, being a broad and vast country, was transformed like few others by the invention of the automobile. The frontier traveling of our history became the road treks down Route 66. Some of our distinctively American literature has been written around the ideal of simply driving and exploring the country from coast to coast. This was a sign of our prosperity as well as Read more […]

Why I Doubt The Government Will Grab Our Guns

No matter how much politicians pretend to be offended by “assault rifles,” one fact remains undeniable: they really aren’t that dangerous to the regime. Frankly, the moment we allowed “them” to have a monopoly on rocket launchers and automatic weapons, we more or less gave up the real reason for the Second Amendment. Just to be clear, I’m sure that many politicians would be happy if we were already disarmed. They would like our SWAT teams to have a freer hand. And I think they would Read more […]