Government Gives Away More than a Half-Billion Dollars by Obamacare Mistake

First we are told government can do a better job in healthcare and then an Obamacare mistake pays out more than $572 million! For years we have been propagandized about how private health insurance is so bad in this country and needs to be fixed. (This wasn’t entirely untrue, but what was wrong with private health insurance was due to government interventions that were never acknowledged.) We were also told how inefficient healthcare is. It needs to go electronic, for example, and the government Read more […]

For Ninety Days the Debt Level Remains Exactly the Same at the End of Every Day

You can’t enforce the debt level when the government has the power to manipulate it. I reported back in April that the Treasury Department was playing the same games with the debt level that it is still playing now. The amount is frozen in place so that the debt level does not exceed the legal limit. Then it was a forty-day freeze. Now it has remained frozen at the same level for fifty more days. Thus, CNS News reports, “90 Days: Treasury Says Debt Has Been Frozen at $18,112,975,000,000.” The Read more […]

New Widow’s Mite: Couple Gives Life Savings to U.S. Treasury

The story of the widow’s mite in the Gospels isn’t only about generosity but about exploitation, which seems to apply to the U.S. Treasury Department. The story of the widow’s mite (a “mite” was a tiny bit of currency in first-century Palestine) is often interpreted as a commendation of sacrificial generosity, but there is another message the story is trying to send to us. It is a message quite relevant to a recent headline about a couple donating their life savings to the U.S. Treasury. Consider Read more […]

Government Lies: No Debt Growth for 40 Days

In one more instance of government lying, the Treasury Department claimed that no debt growth took place since March 13. We all know how it works. If Veterans Affairs has a legal obligation to provide for troopers on a wait list within a certain amount of time, the bureaucrats will simply create another list and let many veterans languish on it. Unless there are consequences to this kind of fraudulent criminal behavior it will be used to evade the force of the laws and regulations that the Read more […]

Treasury Madness: Go into Record Debt to Repay Debt

It is insanity to repay debt with more debt, but that is how the U.S. government works. This is what the mainstream media has been pushing for years. So no one should be surprised at what the Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, has done.  As I wrote last year: “So according to Reuters, economists, and CEOs, The salvation of the economy lies in increased spending and increased debt. This is the insane philosophy that lies behind the current attack on the Tea Party. This is what lies behind the Read more […]

While Breaking The Law, Lerner & Treasury Department Conspired To Change IRS Rules

Yep, there was nothing nefarious going on at the IRS… They were simply hiding what they were doing—not letting anyone know—but… hey… people do that all the time when they’re acting appropriately… don’t you hide it when you’re doing the right thing? You wouldn’t want anyone to know you were just doing your job… earning your paycheck… here to help. From the Daily Caller: The Obama administration’s Treasury Department and former IRS official Lois Lerner conspired to draft new 501(c)(4) Read more […]

Fox & Henhouse: Obama Admin Proposes Campaign Restrictions On Tax-Exempt Orgs

I have to wonder: Is “Obama” a Swahili expression for the English word, “shameless.” The Administration is proposing new laws restricting tax exempt organizations from political campaigns. Marketwatch reports: The Treasury Department and the IRS on Tuesday proposed limiting the political activities of tax-exempt organizations, including campaign advertising and “get-out-the-vote” drives. The Obama administration expects its so-called “guidance” will draw a large number of comments Read more […]

Obama’s Transparency Claim as Clear as Mud

In 2008, President Obama promised us all sorts of fanciful things, including a high level of transparency. He would lower sea levels, eradicate any racial divide, he would finally unite America, and would make the rest of the world love us. He swore that he would pilot a “new era of open government.” His administration would operate the most transparent government in history. Not just now, mind you but, everywhere, throughout history. Dan Epstein, Executive Director of Cause of Action, Read more […]