Public School Is Anti-Education, Anti-Accomplishment; This Proves It

This revelation of our anti-education public school system is found at the Washington Post. It involves a straight-A child-prodigy that the DC school district is regarding as a truant. Avery Gagliano is a piano and violin player with an international reputation and who could have been given a criminal record in DC. Columnist Petulia Dvorak writes: “As I shared during our phone conversation this morning, DCPS is unable to excuse Avery’s absences due to her piano travels, performances, Read more […]

Debtor’s Prison for a Child’s Truancy Ends with Mother’s Death

Back in December of last year I posted about the re-invention of “debtor’s prison.” I noted it was often happening in response to fines that people were unable to pay. So it has happened again and the accused ended up paying all she had. She died. A Pennsylvania mother of seven died in a jail cell where she was serving a two-day sentence for her children’s absence from school, drawing complaints from the judge that sent her there about a broken system that punishes impoverished parents. Eileen Read more […]

Who is Presumptively in Control of a Child’s Education—Parents or the Government?

If you’re a homeschooling parent and you’re not sure of the answer to that question, then you may want to read what is happening in Nebraska that may answer that question and have an impact on your rights. Eric and Gail Thacker, have five school aged kids.  They did not enroll them into the local public schools as they were home schooling.  After six weeks, charges were filed against the parents and they were found guilty of truancy, a criminal offense, but they were not fined. Mike Farris, Read more […]