Eric Holder Won’t Admit He Stays Awake Conspiring How to Destroy His Political Opposition, So This is What He Says…

From the Weekly Standard: Asked the ABC News reporter, “Is that threat,” like the Boston Marathon bombing last year, “any less serious?” “These lone wolves. These homegrown violent extremists are people who keep me up at night, as well,” said Holder. “Trying to monitor them, trying to anticipate what it is they are going to do. And the experience that we had in Boston is instructive. It only takes only one or two people to really do something horrific.” The ABC anchor says the reporter and Holder Read more […]

Bill Ayers: Not Fair To Compare Boston Bombers With Weather Underground

The main difference according to Ayers is that the Weather Underground, even with all its destruction of private and government property, never killed anyone. He justified what his group did back in the 60’s and 70’s as protests against U.S. foreign policy which resulted in thousands dying in the Vietnam War. He said that he was being unfairly criticized for violence while John McCain got away with committing “daily war crimes” in Vietnam:  “…I get asked about violence when what Read more […]