Loans Don’t Help Students; They Make College More Expensive

Whenever there is an economic transaction, two parties have to come to an agreement. The buyer must offer enough money to get the seller to produce and supply the good or service. The seller must be willing to accept an amount of money that the seller is willing to pay. It is often thought that sellers of “valuable” goods can demand any price they want, but that isn’t always true. Food and water are of the utmost importance to human beings. They need both to live. Yet food and drink are relatively Read more […]

Why Is Student Debt Exempt from Bankruptcy?

Megan McArdle suggests that allowing student debt to be discharged in bankruptcy along with all other debt would be a good idea if done right. I realize there are arguments that we should not even allow bankruptcy. It seems to be a way of getting away with not paying the people to whom you owe money. The only reasonable answer to that accusation is that, if people can’t pay back a loan, then we should acknowledge that they never will repay a loan. Bankruptcy can be abused, but it is a Read more […]

Colleges Do Not Get Immunity from the Bad Economy

Back when I worked at a college, I remember hearing some co-workers say that colleges do well during most recessions. That was a few years ago when the economy first took a dive. I’m not sure the claim has proven true this time around. As people suffer under a slower economy the idea of going into debt for a college degree looks less attractive. In response, we hear ideological assertions made by people representing “higher education.” Jordan Weissmann writes at Slate: I recently reported Read more […]

Dear Elizabeth Warren, Why Not Let Us Invest In Ourselves?

There was a time some years ago when Elizabeth Warren could make sense for a five-minute stretch. If you ever get a chance to see the documentary “Maxed Out,” I think you can catch her in one of her lucid moments. Since she decided to run for Senator, I think she stopped having such episodes. About the only hope I have for her is that she might run against Hillary, which I think would be entertaining. Now this, as reported in CNS News: Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) says she plans to introduce Read more […]