Obama Piles on as Tensions Build With Russia

Leave it to President Obama to say the wrong thing at the wrong moment. Following Turkey’s shooting down of a Russian plane on its way to attack ISIS in Syria, Obama said Tuesday at a press conference with French President Hollande that “Turkey like every country has a right to defend its territory and air space.” He then added, “I think it is very important for us to right now make sure that both the Russians and the Turks are talking to each other and find out exactly what happened, and take Read more […]

Memorial Day Means Support the Troops, not their Killers

That sickening feeling you get on Memorial Day when you read about your government intentionally empowering terrorists. Yesterday was Memorial Day, a day wherein we honor those who have demonstrated commitment, and often suffered so much in what was usually an honest attempt to serve the land they love. Many of these fellow countrymen deserve our gratitude and respect. As for those who send them overseas at the behest of psychopaths, lobbyists, and other criminal masterminds who should never Read more […]

Girl Shot in Head for Following Singing Dream

A Turkish teen was sent to the hospital after being shot in the head just for following her ambition to sing in her country’s version of “The Voice” TV show. Nineteen-year-old Mutlu Kaya was in critical condition Tuesday after being shot by someone who snuck into her backyard and shot her through a window while she was rehearsing. The teen had reportedly been mentored by Sibel Can, a Turkish female folk singing star, and the family said that Can was helping with Kaya’s treatment. Kaya is Read more […]

Turkey’s President on Birth Control Treated as Farce by Media

The same media that constantly condemns “Islamophobia,” will use it to discourage thinking about birth control. According to Newser.com: “Birth Control Is Treason: Turkey Prez.” Since assuming the Turkish presidency, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Muslims discovered America and men and women aren’t equal. Erdogan’s latest salvo takes aim at what he sees as a treasonous threat to his country: birth control. Erdogan made his statements at a wedding on Sunday, advising the newly married Read more […]

President Barack Obama Would Rather Break His Promise & Cover Up Genocide to Get Support for Atrocities in Syria

This is just another example of how meaningless are Barack Obama’s promises. I noticed this story because the Heritage Foundation blog recommended a segment by CNN’s Jake Tapper. Here it is. The nationalist Young Turks initiated the Armenian genocide of 1915, a campaign of ethnic cleansing against Armenians in the Ottoman Empire that included massacres and mass deportations. The government of Turkey, which emerged after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire in 1922, has maintained a policy Read more […]

The Role Religion Plays in Economic Growth

Peter Berger is perhaps the world’s most prominent living sociologist. He has written two dozen books including seminal texts in the development of the sociology of religion, the sociology of knowledge, and the sociology of modern development. He may be the most qualified person to speak with authority on matters pertaining to the relationship between religious beliefs and economic development, so I decided to ask him to explain this to me. This interview is the result, and it’s worth listening Read more […]

Vacationers and Tourists Beware of What You Pick Up at a Foreign Beach

Almost everyone likes to pick up something to keep as a souvenir of their vacations and travels.  Some people collect postcards, others commemorative spoons, forks or thimbles and the list goes on and on.  My mom used to collect salt and pepper shakers from everywhere she went and my wife likes to collect photos and pieces of fabric. I’ve known others who like to collect sand and pebbles from the various beaches they visited.  That is what Jason and Sheila Dement like to do, collect pebbles Read more […]

Senator Paul To Hillary Clinton: If I Were President, I Would Have Fired You

When Senator Rand Paul asked Secretary of State Hillary Clinton whether the U.S. was funneling weapons to Turkey or any other country through the annex in Libya, she played dumb. “To Turkey?” she asked, acting bewildered. “I will have to take that question for the record. Nobody has ever raised that with me.” She pretended like she had never heard of such a ridiculous theory. Besides, how would she know and what difference does it make anyway? She told the Senator to take the issue up Read more […]

PETA: Turkeys Are Mistreated Minorities

It’s so easy to harp on PETA for their idiocy. But we can’t deny that they provide ample amounts of comic relief. What makes them funnier is that they don’t even intend to be funny. They’re at it again, and this time the culprit is President Obama. The occasion is Thanksgiving and specifically the tradition of the president’s “pardoning” of a Thanksgiving turkey. Wednesday at 1pm was the scheduled time for Obama to pardon the turkey, which traditionally is raised as any other turkey Read more […]