Parody Twitter Account User Gets Settlement for SWAT Raid

Peoria must pay out $125,000 because the mayor felt he had the right to use the police force against a parody Twitter account. Back in April of 2014, Mark Horne posted about how the police raided the home of a parody Twitter account that mocked the mayor. The mayor was the driving force behind the raid. He basically used the police as his personal palace guard. Now it seems that the taxpayers of Peoria are going to have to pay out. At, we read: Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis’ illegal retaliation Read more […]

Contact These Companies Who Donate to Planned Parenthood

Yesterday, the Daily Signal put up a list of the 39 companies who donate to Planned Parenthood. It had been 41, since it was based upon the list that Planned Parenthood displayed on their website. Since the article was published, Ford and Xerox made haste to let us know they are no longer listed donors of Planned Parenthood. This is important because large corporations notoriously do not want to take a moral stand if they do not have to. But the time for that is over. We ought to contact these Read more […]

PSA for Children to Steal Firearms, Bring Them to School

You are a coward if you don’t want to encourage children to steal firearms? Here is the tweet. I can’t believe the video. Lot of people are afraid to share my PSA! If you are not a coward please share … … #gunviolence — Rejina Sincic (@QueenSincic) December 17, 2014 Many of the reply comments are excellent. This video shows a young boy Going behind his mother’s back and searching her room. Taking a handgun out of its hiding place and putting it Read more […]

Judge Sides With Mayor’s Police Raid of Parody Twitter Account

Back in April I posted, “Banana Republic in Peoria, Illinois: Police Sent after Parody Twitter Account.” Now we have an update and the news is not good. The Guardian reports: The police hadn’t even come for him. When four fully-armed officers of a Swat team burst into Jacob Elliott’s house in Peoria, Illinois in April they were looking for the source of a parody Twitter feed that had upset the town’s mayor by poking fun at him. It transpired that one of Elliott’s housemates, Read more […]

So-Called Hate Speech: First They Track It then They Target It

I’ve been pondering what to say about this project for tracking hate speech for two days. There is little more to be said than that it proves yet again that the Federal Government needs to be dismantled, department-by-department, until the only things remaining are those services explicitly enumerated in the Constitution. Here is the story from the Free Beacon: “Feds Creating Database to Track ‘Hate Speech’ on Twitter.” The federal government is spending nearly $1 million to create Read more […]

Banana Republic in Peoria, IL: Police Sent After Parody Twitter Account

Someone thought Jim Ardis, the mayor of Peoria, IL, deserved to be mocked. So he set up a twitter account, @peoriamayor and made some unsavory posts on it. According to Reason’s Hit & Run blog, According to the Journal Star, the account had all of 50 posts and an equal number of followers. The Twitter profile apparently did not initially indicate that it was a parody account, but added that label in early March. The label was hardly necessary, though, to prevent reader confusion. The Journal Read more […]

Does Stock Market Euphoria Mean A Better Economy? Americans Aren’t Buying It

Bloomberg reports, “U.S. Stocks Rise for Week as Data Bolster Growth Optimism.” U.S. stocks rose for a second straight week, with benchmark indexes reaching all-time highs, as data from durable goods to housing and employment fueled optimism that the world’s largest economy is strengthening. Alcoa Inc. and Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc. advanced at least 5.1 percent, pacing gains among commodity producers. Homebuilders rallied 5.5 percent as a group after sales of new homes topped Read more […]

School Fight! The Way Of Peace Is To Let Go

This is so bad you can’t help laughing. One of the great things that Twitter has bought us (despite being laughably over-valued) is politicians and intellectuals losing all dignity in publicly fighting with each other. reports, “Name-calling turns nasty in education world.” When major figures in the education world debate policy, they usually start out with a gauzy declaration that it’s all about the children. Then they begin hurling insults. High-profile activists including Read more […]

Actor Expects Work Hard To Find After Criticizing Obama

I’ve always enjoyed watching actor James Woods on television and in the movies.  Few actors have the ability to play the wide range of characters he’s played over the years, from comedy to serious and all of the genres in between. But what I’ve admired most about Woods is his conservative political views, which today makes him very unpopular in Hollywood.  He has been quite outspoken at times concerning President Obama and the Democrats, while many in Hollywood blindly support our liberal Read more […]

Professor Calls for Murder of NRA Members’ Children

We’ve seen this one before. Remember the professor of history at the University of Rhode Island who tweeted that he wanted the NRA president’s “head on a stick?” After people accused Professor Erik Loomis of wanting to assassinate LePierre, the head of the NRA, he clarified, saying that it was only a metaphor. He tweeted:  “Dear right-wing morons, saying you ‘want someone’s head on a stick’ is a metaphor. I know metaphor is hard for you to understand.— Erik Loomis.” In another Read more […]

Church of Satan Says “Hail, No!” to Texas Pro-Abortionists

In a bizarre move, the UK Church of Satan denounced pro-abortionists for taking Satan’s name in vain. How twisted must your cause be if even Satanists are distancing themselves from you? A short recap just in case you’ve been living in a desert for the last few weeks: Some Texas abortion activists opposing the ban on post-20-week abortions chanted “Hail, Satan!” at a group of pro-life activists who were, for their part, singing “Amazing Grace.” This invocation of Satan’s name, Read more […]

Facebook is Getting Old

Facebook is losing face. Or so it seems among its younger users. An official statement released last month, admitted that “some of our users, particularly our younger users, are aware of and actively engaging with other products and services similar to, or as a substitute for, Facebook.” While this may not sound incredibly alarming, the statement continues: In the event that our users increasingly engage with other products and services, we may experience a decline in user engagement and our Read more […]