Eurocrats Increase Carbon Emissions by Cap and Trade Scheme

Those brilliant Eurocrats created a financial incentive through the U.N. to increase carbon emissions. There is no way that many powerful planners did not foresee this happening. I can only assume they didn’t care. Perhaps they got kickbacks and they actually wanted the system to work the way it is, in fact, working. Pretending this is a surprise is like pretending no one foresaw Greece becoming a huge financial problem when they were admitted into the EU. Lets rehearse how Cap and Trade Read more […]

Russia and the U.S.: Watch Angela Merkel Squirm!

A German MP accuses Angela Merkel of playing the part of a “vassal” to the United States and ignoring German and European interests. This is an amazing speech from Left Party Deputy Chair, Sahra Wagenknecht. Make sure the subtitles are on and read along in English. I especially loved the mention of Zbigniew Brzezinski and “the great game.” Obviously, if you know this blog at all, you know we don’t endorse Leftist ideology, whether espoused by Angela Merkel or Sahra Wagenknecht. But Read more […]

Michael Gerson Tells Huge Lie That Americans Want to Believe

Michael Gerson attacks Rand Paul and shows what kind of delusions he thinks his readers want to embrace. Ironically, Gerson’s headline in the Washington Post is “Rand Paul’s grand deception.” I don’t want to say much about Rand Paul in this post. I’m more interested in Gerson’s sick denial of the truths he admits in his own column. What kind of mental illness pervades our nation that we actually read this stuff? Gerson writes about an anti-war push by Rand Paul back when he filibustered Read more […]

Russia Pushing All Obama’s Buttons

It was one of those head-shaking moments, darn near historic in the stupidity it represented at the top levels of the Obama Administration. Secretary of State John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam, finally admitted in congressional testimony this week that Russia had lied about the presence of its troops in Ukraine. “The question asked earlier,” he said, “about … how they present things and the lies about their presence in Ukraine and the training, I mean, you know, it’s stunning Read more […]

No Ukraine Can’t Trust the US Gov and Neither Can We

Why would any nation trust the US with our current record? Oh, the tangled webs we weave… Here is the most important section of this essay by Senator Rob Portman: When Ukraine emerged as an independent nation after the Cold War, it inherited the world’s third-largest stockpile of nuclear weapons. As a newly independent state looking to ensure its sovereignty and territorial integrity, Ukraine could have relied on its nuclear arsenal to ward off would-be aggressors. Instead, Ukraine Read more […]

Western Unfaithfulness: Grubering Foreign Policy

This is the result of Western unfaithfulness. Alexander J. Motyl writes in Aljazeera America: Even more destabilizing than the invasion of Crimea was Putin’s claim that he had the right to march into “the territory of Ukraine” in defense of Russian citizens. Here’s the entire statement of his request to Russia’s Council of the Federation, which immediately granted him his wishes: “In connection with the extraordinary situation that has developed in Ukraine and the threat to Read more […]

The Battle for Ukraine

For Ukraine, the U.S. and Russia must find an exit if not stage a reset. The Kremlin is forbidding in even the best of weather. On the dark, dreary days when I recently visited Moscow the seat of Russia’s presidency was even less welcoming. Russia is not the Soviet Union, but so far hopes for the former to develop into a genuinely liberal society have been stillborn. However, the fact that President Vladimir Putin is an unpleasant autocrat doesn’t change the necessity of Washington and Read more […]

Is Ukraine about to Be Invaded?

While America is distracted with manufactured and mischaracterized conflicts, others around the world—in Ukraine and the Baltic States, especially—are facing down a rising threat from a Bear named Vladimir Putin. Russia’s President clearly sees the West’s weak leadership, and is preparing to seize an opportunity to pounce. Step into the shoes of the Ukrainian girl who wrote this poem, and the Lithuanian artists who put it to music. Here are people who understand that freedom is infinitely Read more […]

U.S. Media Is Ignoring Putin’s Aggression.

Putin’s aggression is getting no media attention and no U.S. response. From Newsweek: “Putin Is More Dangerous Than ISIS and 1,000 Al Qaedas Says Garry Kasparov.” Garry Kasparov, the world’s most renowned chess master, has branded Vladimir Putin “the most dangerous man in the world” in a passionate interview with Yahoo News, in which he stressed that the Russian President is more dangerous that Islamic State (ISIS) and “all the Al-Qaedas in the world”. Asked if Islamic State Read more […]

The Challenge of Vladimir Putin

Western media have warned that Vladimir Putin is the modern Adolph Hitler (after years of telling us the former leader of Iran was Hitler, but… I digress). According to this intelligence analysis from Stratfor, however, Putin’s grasp on power in Russia is wobbling rather severely. What’s the truth? A journalist friend in Moscow agrees that it is a perilous time on many fronts there, and the outcome is all but certain. Despite public proclamations of a truce or cease-fire in Ukraine, I Read more […]

Financial Collapse? JPMorgan Wants to Scapegoat Russia

While seeing our financial elite try to scapegoat Russia, I recall a movie about forced honesty. Remember the 1997 Jim Carrey movie “Liar, Liar,” where an attorney was “cursed” with the inability to lie for an entire day? I wish we could see the same thing in the actual halls of finance and political power for at least 24 hours—I bet if we could do it for a week we’d have massive popular revolutions all over the globe. Speaking of global conflagrations, here is a JPMorgan prediction about Read more […]

What is Vladimir Putin doing in Ukraine?

While the U.S. Is focused on Robin Williams, Ferguson, Missouri, and the butchers formerly known as ISIS in Iraq, it would appear Vladimir Putin is on the move. From the Guardian: “Aid convoy stops short of border as Russian military vehicles enter Ukraine.” The white trucks of humanitarian aid rumbled through Russia in a convoy stretching for miles, moving slowly southwards on the M4 highway, amid a landscape of fertile fields and Ladas stopped at the roadside – their boots overflowing Read more […]