New Jersey Trains Shut Down Over “Assault” Umbrella

A New Jersey resident called the police when he (or she) saw a man wielding an “assault weapon” while boarding a light rail train:  “Someone had reported to police that a man wearing black pants, a white dress shirt, a cast on his arm, [and] ‘armed with a long barrel assault weapon’ had gotten on the train.”  As a result, several light rail trains were shut down while police perused the surveillance footage for the man who was probably planning a mass transit mass shooting with his Read more […]

Obama, His Umbrella, and the State of the Union

As the White House has been slammed with scandals such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, the AP phone tapping scandal, targeting FOX News, and the IRS targeting conservative groups, Obama appeared before the nation at a press conference. In the middle of answering a question about the IRS scandal, it began to rain. Obama had the “audacity” to call up two marines to hold an umbrella for him and the Turkish Prime Minister, stating, “Why don’t we get a couple of Marines [to hold umbrellas.] They’re Read more […]