“Uncle Tom” Is Ebonics For “Superhero”

The 2013 movie, Man of Steel, is a more serious remake (and re-boot) of the 1983 classic, Superman II.  The 1983 version was probably the best of the Superman collection of films, introducing the storyline that this traditional American hero, wrapped in the American flag, actually desired to be human like everyone else and to leave his super powers behind in order to feel real human love.  A similar theme is resounded in the “Five for Fighting” song, Superman (It’s not easy,) which speaks Read more […]

Critic of Paula Deen Only Supports Black Attorneys on His Website

Daryl K. Washington is an attorney located in Dallas, Texas. He has written “The Paula Deen Incident; you should know all that’s being alleged before defending her.” The article has gotten a lot of attention. I don’t know all the facts in the case, and neither does Mr. Washington. The case at this point in time is about what is “alleged.” Mr. Washington informs us that the person bringing these charges against Deen is white, and they go back to 2007. How long was this “white Read more […]

Bill Cosby Goes Racist Nutter on Us

Bill Cosby has joined the “If you criticize President Obama’s Policies you are a racist” crowd. Here’s what he said while sitting on a panel with host Soledad O’Brien and former Republican Congressman Connie Mack of Florida discussing racist attitudes in the 1960s. Cosby said that it’s really not that different today: “To see people sitting down when there are others standing and cheering [the President at his State of the Union address]. I think we have people sitting there who Read more […]