Maybe We Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Give Up

People want to give up but they don’t want to give up eating, shelter, or the use of their iPhones. Here’s a grim headline from the Examiner: “Giving up: 40% women, 28% men, 39% youth don’t want a job.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the largest group of people not in the labor force are those who don’t want a job, a remarkable statement on the nation’s work ethic. The federal job counter said that 85.9 million adults last month didn’t want a job, or 93 percent Read more […]

More Healthy Adult Males Not Working Than Ever Before In Recorded American History

Many of you reading this blog have jobs. Probably many of you work for companies that have many employees. For those of you who fit this description, imagine four of your co-workers. Now, for you and those four coworkers, imagine one jobless man ranging anywhere in age from 25 to 54. Now for every other group of five workers in your workplace imagine another jobless man in the prime of his life. That’s current American reality. According to the Weekly Standard Republicans on the Senate Budget Read more […]

Magic Numbers Show Unemployment Down to 6.7 Percent

Unemployment is down to 6.7 percent. Obama’s policies have finally broken the 7 percent barrier. Whoo-hoo. Right? No doubt that number will lead many news reports today now that the Bureau of Labor Statistics has released the jobs figures for December. And don’t be surprised when the White House and Democratic leaders trumpet this as a great success and vindication for the error of their Keynesian ways. As this is written, the gears are rattling and the smoke is pouring out of the Talking Read more […]

Full-Time Jobs Declining & Part-Time Jobs Increasing

Once again the government has released their monthly job figures and claim that they are still making improvements to the job market.  They are boasting about the addition of 195,000 new jobs reported for the month of June and trying to convince us all that things are looking up with an unemployment rate of 7.6%.  They may have created 195,000 new jobs, but the report also shows that 2,692,000 Americans have been unemployed less than 5 weeks. Once again, the 7.6% unemployment figures are deceiving Read more […]

Detroit Is Broke but Finds Money to Send Pension Trustees to Hawaiian Beach Resort

On July 24, 1701, French explorer Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac and 51 other French Canadians founded a settlement along a river and named it Fort Ponchartrain du Détroit.  The settlement became the center of the regional fur trading business and the population began to grow with the business and became a military fort. Over the years, the city continued to prosper and grow until it became the largest city in Michigan with a population of just under 2 million people in the 1950 Read more […]

White House: Sequestration And GOP To Blame For Dismal Jobs Numbers

I had previously anticipated that the media were going to spin the lousy jobs numbers to make them look wonderful by fixating on the unemployment percentages and ignoring all the people who have given up looking for work. That’s what they usually do to make Obama look like a great economic hero. But silly me, I forgot about sequestration. Since we’re living in a sequestration-ridden America, the White House wants to blame everything bad that happens on sequestration. They’re trying to punish Read more […]

Obama’s Labor Secretary Believes 1+1 = 4

Obama Labor Secretary Hilda Solis appeared on CNBC. She was asked about the so-called Fiscal Cliff results: REPORTER: How many jobs do you think the fiscal cliff embarrassment cost this country? SECRETARY SOLIS: You know, all I can tell you is that we’ve helped to provide, I think, some stop gaps. And what I think about is, those 2 million people that would have lost their unemployment insurance. Because think about it, all that money that goes out in terms of what’s being spent by that unemployment Read more […]

10 States Set To Boost Unemployment And Keep Youth Out Of Labor Force

That’s not how the official headline reads of course. No, it says, “10 states to boost minimum wage.” “Workers in Rhode Island will see their paychecks grow the most — by an average of $510 a year for the average worker, according to the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit advocacy group. The state enacted a law in June raising its minimum wage 35 cents to $7.75 an hour. In nine other states — Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Vermont and Washington Read more […]

Unions Built and Destroyed Michigan

Michigan has long been a union controlled state.  The United Auto Workers (UAW) was probably the largest union in the state.  The UAW was responsible for getting their members better wages and benefits.  Compared to non-union workers, UAW members made more money and had better benefits. That was great when the economy was good and the nation was prosperous.  During those times, the people of Michigan also prospered and it was largely due to the unions as the sign one man held up said, ‘Union Read more […]

Media Celebrate Jobless Numbers as Labor Force Shrinks

The economy added 146,000 jobs in November, bringing unemployment down to 7.7 percent, the lowest rate since December 2008. Yahoo. The media and the Obama Administration want you to believe things are getting better, but the ignored facts of the latest jobless report show a population growing faster than the economy, and a rapidly dwindling labor force. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report, the population grew by 191,000 people in November, 45,000 more than the number of jobs Read more […]

Higher Unemployment, Hurricane Sandy, and Benghazi Reported as Good News by Liberals

When the 7.9 percent unemployment number came out, I couldn’t believe how the media were trying to spin it. When unemployment goes up, that’s usually a bad-news scenario. Instead, all I heard was news reports telling us that “the economy is headed in the right direction.” The bad news was really good news. How could this be since unemployment is higher now than when Obama took office in 2009 (7.8 percent) and higher than last month when the same “right direction” description was given Read more […]