Replacement Refs and Presidents

Three weeks. That’s all it took. The NFL has reached an agreement with the referee’s union and the “starting” refs will be back on the field tonight for the first time this season. The replacement refs that have been filling in for the striking ones have heard no end of criticism for their job performance. The final straw appears to have been the call that ended Monday night’s game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks. To everyone watching it appeared to be an interception, Read more […]

Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago School Crisis

400,000 students are on the streets today after 26,000 Chicago public school teachers walked out on failed contract negotiations. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, feeling the need to state the obvious, said that he wasn’t in favor of the strike and that it was both “wrong” and completely “avoidable.” That’s a small consolation for the Chicago Police Department, which has been put on notice that nearly a half million kids will be without day care until union and school district officials can come to Read more […]