Will Human Labor Make San Francisco Turn to Robots?

It makes economic sense to do so, unless interest rates go up. It may not make political sense. If people find it easy to finance construction projects then it will look more and more attractive to invest in automating the Bay Area Rapid Transport system (BART) as opposed to dealing with labor strikes. This is considered by a TechCrunch post: For the past week, the entire San Francisco Bay Area has been on the brink of a full-fledged train strike. The unpredictable negotiations have left commuters Read more […]

Blame Unions For Public School Failures

How many of you have had teachers that did as little as possible to teach you anything?  With some of these teachers, you could get as much from reading the text as you could from listening to their long drawn out monotone lectures that were the perfect cure for insomnia.  There was nothing innovative about their lessons.  Their classes were boring to say the least. Then there were those teachers that made learning fun.  They had different and unusual approaches to teaching that often captured Read more […]

Unions Built and Destroyed Michigan

Michigan has long been a union controlled state.  The United Auto Workers (UAW) was probably the largest union in the state.  The UAW was responsible for getting their members better wages and benefits.  Compared to non-union workers, UAW members made more money and had better benefits. That was great when the economy was good and the nation was prosperous.  During those times, the people of Michigan also prospered and it was largely due to the unions as the sign one man held up said, ‘Union Read more […]

Parasites Kill the Hostess: No More Twinkies, Wonder Bread, or Jobs

Occupy Wall Street should be rejoicing. They want to “end corporate greed” and, yesterday, they ended it. It was only a one source of corporate greed among many, but I’m sure there will be more successes in spreading virtue (and poverty) in the near future. Reuters reports that Hostess Brands is going bankrupt. This is not the “let’s reschedule our payments” kind of bankruptcy, but the “sell every piece of hardware we have to whoever will bid for it” kind of bankruptcy. So the Read more […]

NJ Turns Away Non-Union Utility Workers from Alabama

Update 11:00 AM: New reports are surfacing that Huntsville Utilities has denied being turned away, yet Decatur Utilities has been unavailable to comment. New York and New Jersey have been hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy. Some people might not get electricity for another week or more. There aren’t enough utility workers to make the repairs. Utility workers from other states are donating their services to help. Alabama Power Co. and electric cooperatives in Alabama have sent more than 1,000 workers Read more […]