Fake Hate Crime “Art Project”

An African American hung racial segregation signs around a college campus, claiming later that the fake hate crime was “art.” When I first saw the headlines about this incident I thought it was a false flag hate crime like the Lesbian couple who reported arson by homophobes when they were the ones who set the fire. But while this was temporarily a fake hate crime, it seems it was never intended to falsely accuse others—at least not in the long term. EAG News reports, “Black student Read more […]

Money-laundering Machine Tries to Cover for Hillary Clinton

How do you keep your candidate loyal and reward him or her for good behavior? The very wealthy typically support colleges and universities. Thus, I have written before on how Ben Bernake’s lucrative speaking gigs are a way that our ruling class awards him for a job well done. I am sure Janet Yellen has noticed that and is planning accordingly. It seems that, with Hillary Clinton, people are catching on. Our rulers are pushing back. Thus, from the Daily Signal: “University at Buffalo Refuses Read more […]