Skeptical Of ObamaU: Janet Napolitano Starts Making More Sense As She Moves Closer To The Private Sector

I realize that the University of California system is hardly a part of the private sector, but it is still closer to it than the Department of Homeland Security is. Janet Napolitano has taken the presidency of the University of California and I think it is helping her see the real world a little bit more clearly than she could before. From the Washington Post: Janet Napolitano, who was President Obama’s Homeland Security secretary before being named president of the University of California Read more […]

University of California Spends $7.65 Million on Class Taken by One Person

The University of California is a large system of colleges and junior colleges in the State of California.  The entire system has nearly 19,000 faculty and 189,000 staff that provide a college education for almost 235,000 students throughout the state.  They are public schools, governed by a board of regents and receive between $2.5 billion and $3 billion annually from a state on the verge of bankruptcy. With such a cash strapped state providing several billion dollars of annual funding, you Read more […]