University Policy: Spy on Students; Bring Us Their Social Security Numbers

A bizarre university policy tells students to report on the speech crimes (!?) of other students and collect all identifying information, including social security numbers. The University of Colorado-Boulder has taken Homeland Security’s “If you see something, say something” and applied it to political correctness. According to Robby Soave at the Hit & Run blog, the school wants students to inform on each other when they witness “bias incidents,” by reporting the perpetrators Read more […]

Barack’s Bimbos and Fluke’s Floozies

Some things speak for themselves. Supporters of big government have never been ones known for their logic and ability to think. It’s always fun to see what can be captured with a microphone, a camera, and a really good question. Revealing Politics has done this very thing, by posting their correspondent outside of the Sandra Fluke/Barack Obama group hug that took place at the University of Colorado on Wednesday. You need to watch the video to really appreciate the irony (which is really just code Read more […]