Rolling Stone Admits White House Advisor Role in False Rape Story

A White House advisor introduced the magazine to the unreliable source. Yes, lying journalists often are the consequence of a lying worldview, but they are also sometimes servants for political propagandists. The Washington Times reports, “Rolling Stone says White House advisor introduced U.Va. rape accuser.” Rolling Stone’s legal filing late last week came in response to a $7.5 million libel lawsuit filed by UVa. Dean Nicole Eramo, who claims she was unfairly depicted as the “chief Read more […]

Lying Journalists Are the Result of a Lying Worldview

Lying journalists lie because they don’t even believe in the truth. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jonathan Gruber and the so-called “journalists” at the Rolling Stone are a product of the same failed worldview. They have been brainwashed over and over in their elite academic bubble with a sophistry that there is no such thing as truth, and only “perspectives.” Thus, we find out from the Reason blog, “Rolling Stone’s UVA Rape Story Just Took Another Massive Hit.” The Washington Post just Read more […]

False Accusations Are as Serious as the Crime Would Have Been

If you don’t care about false accusations you don’t care about crimes either. Rape is as ugly and vile as it gets. Those who truly care about the issue should be at least as outraged about those who falsely claim rape as those who commit rape—in my own awareness it began with Al Sharpton and Tawana Brawley. Just this week we have Lena Dunham and this one at the University of Virginia. [See also, “False Charge of Rape a ‘Mild Inconvenience’”] Regarding the latter, USA Today Read more […]