Skeptical Of ObamaU: Janet Napolitano Starts Making More Sense As She Moves Closer To The Private Sector

I realize that the University of California system is hardly a part of the private sector, but it is still closer to it than the Department of Homeland Security is. Janet Napolitano has taken the presidency of the University of California and I think it is helping her see the real world a little bit more clearly than she could before. From the Washington Post: Janet Napolitano, who was President Obama’s Homeland Security secretary before being named president of the University of California Read more […]

Will Obamacare Torpedo The White House Agenda For College Enrollment?

Just last week, the New York Times reported that the First Lady was promoting higher education for low income students. The story gives the reader the impression that Michelle Obama wanted to see the students added to the classrooms, not that she wanted to drive away all the middle class students and replace them with a few Medicaid recipients. But if students are already having trouble paying tuition, it is about to get much harder for them, thanks to Obamacare. For decades, universities and Read more […]

The Merry March of Marxism through Education

In a recent editorial for Fox News, Paul Kengor laments the lack of emphasis being placed by American teachers on the facts about communism throughout history. He claims that public educators have “failed to teach the horrors of the Bolshevik Revolution specifically and of communism generally.” While this is certainly true, it must also be understood that this “failure” is deliberate. Kengor seems to be truly mystified by the lack of truth being taught to students about communism, but as Read more […]