Debra Harrell Shows McDonald’s Cares about Poor People; TV Stations Don’t

Debra Harrell—who has been humiliated, imprisoned, had her daughter snatched from her, and is facing possibly a decade in prison if convicted—is now suing a television station for part of what is being done to her. You might remember that Harrell was arrested for letting her nine-year-old daughter play at a public park by herself. Between nosy bystanders and police, this was manufactured into a crime. (After three weeks apart the daughter is now back with her mother for the time being.) WJBF’s Read more […]

Mom Let Her 9-Year-Old Play in Park “for Hours at a Time” in the Summer… So Lock Her Up!

When I was nine years old, my family moved to Eau Gallie, Florida, near Melbourne. That summer my mother decided she needed to come up with something for my younger brother and me to do. She got some kind of deal buying a book of tickets to the local skating rink. Five days a week we would walk there in the morning and spend hours there before walking back home. There were no mobile phones back then. Our only way to contact home was to use a quarter in the pay phone that was there. The walk was about Read more […]