How Will History Judge Us?

How might history judge us? Probably not well. It is so hard to see what is going on unless you are able to take a step back and get the panoramic view. It’s like fighting the problem with an ever-increasing waist line.  Usually it goes unnoticed to the one who’s growing the belly until some old pictures of past times are pulled out of the scrapbook. “Wow!” I’ve often responded when looking at old pictures of myself.  “Look how skinny I was back then.  How did I gain so Read more […]

If They Can Do It In Russia We Can Still Succeed In The US!

I can’t stand Bloomberg’s big government, pro-fiat-currency, pro-central-bankster perspective. But it still sometimes prints really good stories. Consider two physicists who had the blessing of learning about roofing: Sergey Kolesnikov and Igor Rybakov spent their summers in the early 1990s fixing rooftops around Moscow, a job that paid them about $500 a month. The work gave the aspiring scientists, who were roommates at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Russia’s top research Read more […]