American Socialism Working – 1 in 4 Kids on Food Stamps

Around 1900, progressive socialists laid out a plan to convert America into a socialist nation.  There were three key factors that they knew they had to overcome and they also knew that it would take at least 100 years slowly overcome them. First, America was a strong Christian nation and no Christian nation could ever accept socialistic ideas or forms of government.  That meant they had to actively work on undermining the strong Christian influence in the American people.  Part of that plan Read more […]

Is Our Government Purposely Keeping Us Fat to Control Us?

Could it be that the government wants us fat? If we’re fat, we’ll have more health issues. If we have more health issues, we’ll need more health care. If we need more health care, the government will be there to supply it. Once the government supplies all our health needs, we’ll always vote for more government. Our government usually accomplishes the exact opposite of its stated goals. In spite of the Department of Education’s “vision,” our government schools are making kids dumb and Read more […]