Homosexual Fakes Hate Crime against Self; Still Gets to be Victim

Why should a guy who lies about a hate crime still get an outpouring of sympathy? How do you really know that people hate you? I’ll tell you how. When someone tries to frame you for a crime you didn’t commit, and gets caught, all the sympathy is given to the criminal, and you still get attacked every day in the media as if you are guilty. This Washington Times story is unbelievable. But not because a homosexual committed a false flag attack against traditionalists. That isn’t so uncommon. Millard Read more […]

Utah Forces Victim to Pay Huge Fee to Sue the Police

A man wants to sue the Police Department for killing his dog. To do so he is going to have to pay a lot of money. When police were searching for a missing child they shot Sean Kendall’s dog and killed him. Kendall was not happy about the way his dog, Geist, died. Salt Lake City offered him ten thousand dollars as the going rate for having the police break into an innocent man’s backyard and shoot his dog. Kendall did not think that was right and he refused the settlement. But it turns out Read more […]

Why Are Firing Squads Such a Big Deal?

Utah has reinstated firing squads as a backup method of executing prisoners who are sentenced to die. If you don’t believe in capital punishment, then the method doesn’t matter. Anything that kills a person is objectionable because it kills. Of course, there are really inhumane ways of killing people that would shade into torture. Even if a person is guilty of murdering in a way that involved torturing his victims, the job of the government is not to develop a system of perfect payback Read more […]

Ferguson and Salt Lake City

The riots in Ferguson are a bitter reminder of the chaos in Salt Lake City early last month in a chillingly similar case: An unarmed man was shot and killed by a police officer in August. The President and Attorney General spoke out. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson hopped a plane to rev things up and lead protests. Wait… other than the shooting, none of that happened: No riots, no Presidential meddling in a local law enforcement issue, no racially-charged debate, even though the individuals Read more […]

Feeling Suicidal? Please Call Us to Come Kill You.

Man called suicide prevention hotline because he was feeling suicidal. They sent a SWAT team who shot and killed the man seven hours later. This is the creepiest, most Orwellian video monologue I have ever seen. It is like a combination of Monte Python’s “The Meaning of Life, and Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil.” Except it is all too real! Wow. The Detective actually exhorts people to use the suicide hotline even while acknowledging that it, uh, backfired for this man. “We encourage those having Read more […]

Walking Away from Police Warrants Execution?

You can watch part of the execution here: Here is the “frame by frame” commentary by the District Attorney explaining why it was OK to kill a man on the spot for walking away from police. Twenty-year-old Dillon Taylor was unarmed. He was never a threat to any of the police or anyone else. According to the Free Thought Project: On August 11, Taylor, his brother, and his cousin were exiting a 7-Eleven in an area where police were searching for a suspect who had allegedly been Read more […]

Federal Judge Decriminalized Polygamy

Oh, and did you hear: A Utah Federal judge decriminalized polygamy. The ride into Hell just got culturally much bumpier. NPR reports, The case is high profile partly because the suit was brought forth by the Brown family, the stars of the TLC show Sister Wives. It’s also important because as it works its way through the appeals process, it has the potential to become a landmark. As the Salt Lake Tribune reads the decision, U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups says the part of the law that Read more […]

PETA to Utah: We Are As Barking Mad As You Could Imagine

They have actually done this before, but it is hard to remember because it is so hard to believe that SUCH an insane organization could exist and have supporters. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is a group that exterminates their animal dependents, and claims that turkeys are a mistreated minority. So it should come as no surprise that they want a memorial for turkeys that died in a truck accident. According to the Salt Lake Tribune: Animal rights advocates want to erect a Read more […]

Can Someone Explain Why the Utah Police Need Grenade Launchers?

Not only are they getting the grenade launchers and the military vehicles and other toys, but the military is giving them to the police for free. From the Salt Lake City Tribune. The U.S. Department of Defense recently gave a surplus MRAP to the highway patrol. The law enforcement agency plans to use it to carry troopers to dangerous crime scenes and to keep those troopers safe while protecting civilians. “Obviously, it is intimidating,” Lepley said of the dump truck-sized armored vehicle designed Read more […]

“The Polygamy Ruling”—Another Step In Trading Family For A State Corporation

Headlines indicate that Utah’s law against polygamy has been overturned and that arguments were used from the same-sex “marriage” advocates. I think the news is actually worse than that. According to the Salt Lake City Tribune: A U.S. District Court judge has sided with the polgyamous Brown family, ruling that key parts of Utah’s polygamy laws are unconstitutional. Judge Clark Waddoups’ 91-page ruling, issued Friday, sets a new legal precedent in Utah, effectively decriminalizing polygamy. Read more […]

States Can Stop NSA By Refusing Utilities?

I have to admit, the thought of a state bringing down a massive Federal program—any Federal program—is what makes my leg tingle, to use Chris Matthews description. Some “activists” are advocating that Utah save the Republic from the NSA. The National Security Agency has an Achilles heel, according to some anti-surveillance activists. The key vulnerability, according to members of the OffNow coalition of advocacy groups: The electronic spy agency’s reliance on local utilities. The activists Read more […]

Unable To Hurt Cruz, GOP Daggers Are Out For Mike Lee

Senator Mike Lee of Utah has supported Ted Cruz’s historic stand. But while Texans have Cruz’s back, the media thinks (or wants us to think) that Utah is more likely to stick a knife in Lee’s. Mike Lee may have plenty of Tea Party pals on Capitol Hill, but back in his home state of Utah, the GOP senator is growing decidedly less popular. Since the government shutdown, approval ratings for Ted Cruz’s strongest ally have fallen, and his fellow Republicans are some of his strongest critics. “Among Read more […]