75 Percent of Children Vaccinated in One Hospital Sicken or Die

37 of 52 children vaccinated are sick and two are dead. Any time we hear of children getting sick from a disease in which someone along the transmission chain was not vaccinated, we are treated to a flurry of invective about “science-deniers” who endanger everyone because they don’t vaccinate their children. The fact that these vaccinations themselves might be responsible for the contagion in the first place is ignored. [See also, “CNBC: Vaccinations Have Caused the Spread of Disease.”] But Read more […]

Kenyan Tetanus Shot Really a Eugenics Program?

Supposedly, a Kenyan Tetanus shot is trying to protect babies by targeting women of childbearing age. As CNS News reports, The tetanus vaccination program, sponsored by the WHO and UNICEF in coordination with the Kenyan government, has been ongoing in phases since last year. The campaign is targeting females ages 15 to 49, about 2.3 million women. The WHO and UNICEF say that “most tetanus cases in Kenya are among newborns,” and thus the emphasis on vaccinating women who are of child-bearing Read more […]

Big Pharma Takes Down Katie Couric Through Media Heresy Hunters

I noticed several attacks on Katie Couric recently for the show she presented on Gardasil. Infowars nicely sums up what is going on. The establishment media was thrown into a tizzy when Katie Couric on Wednesday used her daytime TV platform to interview distraught mothers who blamed their daughters’ deaths on the HPV vaccine Gardasil. Following her December 4 episode, scores of publications went into PR mode in defense of Big Pharma, launching vicious coordinated attacks on Couric for daring Read more […]

Herd Immunity and Moral Individualism, Part 1

The argument over vaccination is largely based on miscommunication. Most vaccine detractors actually have no issue whatsoever with the concept of vaccination. As an extension of the homeopathic principle of hormesis, vaccination in concept (and even in practice) is far older than allopathic medicine. Most people “against vaccination” take issue with many of the highly processed, mass-produced vaccination shots because they contain harmful “non-active” materials (e.g., aluminum, mercury or Read more […]