Gun Control Hypocrisy after the Vester Flanagan Murders

It is gun control hypocrisy to claim you will purchase a gun because you need one and advocate for more laws to make it harder to own a gun. This Washington Post story is basically a compilation of facts about the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward on live TV by Vester Flanagan. One fact that is reported regards Parker’s father: The father of slain TV reporter Alison Parker says he thinks he will have to buy a gun now that he has decided to be an outspoken advocate for tougher gun laws. Adam Read more […]

What First Amendment? Virginia State Police Forced BBC Journalists to Delete Video

BBC journalists at the scene of shooting suspect’s car crash were threatened if they did not delete video as ordered. So I assume you have all heard that a homosexual African American shot and murdered two straight whites on live TV. This was, of course, not a hate crime and never will be labeled as one. This story from PRI caught my eye and makes me wonder why we even claim to have a First Amendment: “Virginia police order BBC journalists to delete footage of suspected shooter’s crash.” BBC Read more […]