L.A. Office of Veteran Affairs Shredded Mail Telling Veterans about Benefits

We still don’t know why Veteran Affairs shredded mail or how much mail they destroyed. It seems that Veterans Affairs has the same relationship to veterans that the Environmental Protection Agency has to the environment. While about a third of veterans have died waiting for VA care, the new scandal involves mail that was supposed to be sent to veterans. According to the Washington Examiner, The VA’s Office of Inspector General said it launched an “unannounced inspection” of the Los Angeles Read more […]

Venezuelans Forced to Use Pet Meds

The lesson should be learned by Americans because what is happening to Venezuelans can easily happen here. There are lessons about Obamacare and socialism closer at hand than Venezuela. Veterans Affairs is one example. In fact, Veterans Affairs was lied about to be used as an argument for how great Obamacare would be. But the economy is going to get worse, and Venezuela is a picture of our future. Perhaps there is still time to avoid it, but I can’t be sure. El Universal reports, “Transplanted Read more […]

Nancy Pelosi Pretends GOP Cutting Veteran Funds

Is the GOP cutting veteran funds? No. But why would that stop Pelosi from saying otherwise? I hate agreeing with the Washington Post’s “fact checker” column, because I worry that I am setting up my readers to be fooled at some later date. “Fact checker” earns a reputation for honesty and non-partisanship, I fear, precisely so that it can be used for partisan purposes on crucial issues. But, now that you know I think you should be careful about ever relying on “fact checker” too Read more […]