What our Troops Need Now Is Hope

Our troops have faced disappointment upon disappointment until they finally concluded that America just doesn’t care. As the mother of a fallen Navy SEAL killed in action on August 6, 2011, I spend a lot of time talking to men and women who have served this nation since the towers fell on that fateful morning of September 11, 2001. Young adults who launched themselves into action with reckless abandon, believing in their hearts that their sacrifice—their commitment to the cause—would make Read more […]

Pentagon Didn’t Support the Troops in Desert Storm

The Gulf War syndrome reported by soldiers deployed in Desert Storm wasn’t just their imaginations. And they continue to suffer. If you’re my age or older, you remember Desert Storm. It was George W. Bush’s big push for a “new world order” –as he said repeatedly. It was a larger military operation than anything Reagan had done in his two terms. And we won an easy and painless victory. Because, we are now told, the pain was swept under the rug. During January and February 1991, Read more […]

Suicidal Veterans: The Ongoing Legacy of the American Wars

If Veteran Affairs can’t help people with physical visible diseases, then I don’t know what help can be expected by suicidal veterans. But the number of those who have contemplated suicide is alarming. They need help. According to the Christian Science Monitor: Nearly half of all veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan know at least one fellow US troop who has attempted suicide, and 40 percent know someone who has died by suicide, warns a survey released Thursday by the Iraq Read more […]

Obama Sticks a Toe Into Iraq

President Obama has been such a laggard on the subject of Iraq that the joke just the other day claimed that he was sending in troops, but they were Iranian. Now, he really is sending in the troops, a whopping 275 of them. Rather, that’s “as many as up to” 275, which could mean fewer. And they’re not going in to set anything to rights, just provide cover fire for fleeing embassy personnel. Let’s hope that if they need to call for backup, no one at the White House gives a stand-down order Read more […]

Paul Ryan Justifies Cutting Veteran Pensions: “We Just Freed Up $6 Billion For Readiness”

In other words, we just freed up $6 billion for military contractors and other people who have lobbying budgets. Here’s the full audio courtesy of the Daily Caller. Right out the gate Paul Ryan appeals to the need to deal with a supposed “readiness” crisis. Of course, that totally rings true because Hawaii and Alaska and the Lower Forty-Eight are in constant danger of invasion from a foreign superpower. No, I’m being sarcastic; it doesn’t ring true at all. Our last domestic attack Read more […]

Increased Military Spending On The Back Of DISABLED Military Retirees?

The Ryan budget deal keeps getting better and better. And by “better,” I mean much worse. When I wrote about the cut for military retirees, I mentioned the possibility that this might be the only income some of them have. The original sequestration had wonderful priorities in exempting personnel. Ryan is sacrificing those who have already served for the sake of more war power abroad. We already have a military that spends as much as the next ten nations combined. Why take away from military Read more […]

With a Rebel Yell, Liberals Scurry for Cover

You can always tell a liberal is scared when he demands that you apologize. And when he demands that you apologize for something you had nothing to do with, then he’s really scared. Such is the case with calls for Ted Cruz and other Republicans to apologize because some guy from Texas unfurled a Confederate flag in front of the White House yesterday. One guy, during the Million Vet March for the Memorials to reclaim our historical monuments from the clutches of the Obama Administration’s Read more […]

Wal-Mart to Hire More Than 100,000 Recently Discharged Veterans

The Walton family in Bentonville, Arkansas still own the majority of Wal-Mart Stores Inc.  The company has grown to become the largest retailer in the world with almost 9,000 locations and 2.2 million employees (1.4 million here in the US).  They are the world’s third largest public corporation and the largest private employer in the world.  Their annual gross income for 2012 was just under $450 billion dollars.  Their subdivisions include Sam’s Club, Walmex, Asda and Seiyu Group. Over Read more […]