High School Candidate For Student Gov’t Pretends To Be Victim of Racism

Liberals are emotional creatures who feel that there is romanticism in victimhood, heroism in being a David in a nation of Goliaths. They create their own misfortunes because it enhances their sense of superiority. They also perceive non-whites to be innate victims, so any connection a liberal can make with a non-white, such as by becoming a victim, will allay their aggravation over being white, that least romantic of races. Victimhood is generally not a plight of minorities, for one fundamental Read more […]

NAACP Wants Civil War Portrait Removed From Government Building

Don’t ever doubt that liberal policies are largely based on feelings. It’s why liberals have so mastered inspirational political campaign ads. It’s also what inhibits their ability to be reasonable. Being reasonable requires rationality, objectivity. Emotions are important in life, but they do hinder rational thought. One recent example can be found down in Lee County, Florida, where hanging in the commission chambers is a portrait of the County’s namesake, General Robert E. Lee. Not caring Read more […]

Man Ordered At Gunpoint To Apologize For “What White People Did To Black People”

Oprah Winfrey was recently interviewed by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about a movie she stars in called Lee Daniels’ The Butler, a historical drama about a black man who worked for the White House as a butler for 34 years. During the interview, the discussion moved to the subject of race and specifically about the Trayvon Martin case. She said she didn’t believe anyone can look at that case and think it wasn’t about race: “A lot of people, they think if they’re not using the N-word themselves, Read more […]

Black Liberals: Making A Living Out Of Their Troubles

A black man, aged perhaps in the mid-30s, came into my store the other day. He went up to the front counter to talk to my boss, introducing himself as a local author who would like to sell several copies of his book on our shelves. My boss asked what the book was about. Liberals would have considered me a racist to assume that the black man’s book had something to do with complaining about being black, even though it seems, quite unfortunately, that that’s what most blacks write about. But Read more […]