Without Video, Killing Walter Scott would never Be Punished

The only reason the government acknowledges Walter Scott was unlawfully killed is because it is legal to video-record police. As you probably heard on the news yesterday or the day before, a police officer has been arrested for murder. But that could easily have not happened. Patrolman Michael Slager had told a different story, as the Post and Courier reports. Slager said earlier this week in the statement from his attorney at the time that his encounter with Scott had started around 9:30 a.m. Read more […]

Watch Police Intimidation After Bicyclist Decides to Record Arrest

This is a pretty ugly instance of police intimidation. I highly recommend you watch it: In case it disappears from Youtube, below is the text that accompanied the video. I filled out a PD-99 Citizen Complaint form with MPD Sunday night and submitted it to Internal Affairs and the District 1 Commander. I heard back from Commander Jeff Brown and Captain Brian Harris on Monday afternoon, and again from Capt. Harris Tuesday night. Capt. Harris told me the officers shown were clearly in the Read more […]

Heritage Foundation Comes Out Against Police State

Perhaps the Heritage Foundation has covered this issue before and I missed it. But I was pleasantly surprised to see them sound the alarm over a man who was arrested in Florida for videotaping police. According to CBS Miami: The charge against freelance disc jockey Lazaro Estrada is obstruction of justice.  He was arrested on St. Patrick’s Day after using his cell phone to record a video of an arrest at a Southwest Miami-Dade store where he was spinning records for a promotional gig. Miami-Dade Read more […]

Baltimore PD Officially Recognizes That People Can Video Police

While in some places they are still insisting that it is illegal to video police, Baltimore has changed its tune. No longer should citizens of that city find themselves harassed for using their phones to video record the police. According to the Baltimore Sun: The Baltimore Police Department has instituted a new policy that prohibits officers from stopping people from taping or photographing police actions, the agency said Wednesday. The new rules were unveiled as the city agreed to pay Read more […]